March 2021 EDITION
Community-Based Big of the Month
Congratulations to our March Community-Based Big of the Month, Corey League!

What is your favorite outing that you and Matthew have been on?
"When we went to the whitewater center and he got to practice his parkour skills on an obstacle course."

Can you talk about the book club you started with Matthew?
"It seemed like Matt was getting excessive amounts of screen time between virtual learning and his favorite hobby (playing video games). Rather than make an empty recommendation that he should read more I offered for us to read the same book between our outings then discuss the books when we see each other. We're currently working through the "Trapped in a Video Game" series."

What is your favorite part about being a Big?
"Getting to see how creative he is and getting a chance to help teach him about things he may not have otherwise cared about or been exposed to. Our last few outings have included small building kits from the hardware store and learning about hand tools."

Would you and Matthew rather:
Go out to eat OR do something active? Do something active, but we both love food.
Be 10 minutes late OR 20 minutes early? Be 20 minutes early
Connect in person OR virtually? In-person without a doubt

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, Corey!
Site-Based Big of the Month
Congratulations to our March Site-Based Big of the Month, Emery Ortiz!

Emery has been matched with her Little Sister for over 2 years. They have enjoyed working together at Coltrane Webb in our site-based program. When the pandemic hit Emery did not miss a beat. Emery showed up for her Little Sister consistently and navigated the technology to meet with her Little Sister virtually. They have deep educational experiences that have enriched her Little Sister’s life and helped bring a smile to her Little’s face during the pandemic. We asked Emery the following questions.
What does being a Big mean to you?
"Being a Big means making a positive impact. Sometimes even small things, like just bringing a smile to your Little’s face after a tough week, can make such a huge difference!"
What is your favorite part about being a Big?
"My Little and I love playing word games together! It’s something we have in common and both enjoy; along the way it gives us great topics of conversation without putting a lot of pressure on the interaction. Through playing games, we learn so much!"

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, Emery!
Do YOU want to make a Big Difference? Become a Big Today! For more information on how to become a Big, click the link below.
Everyone, meet Jazzmin Rivers. When you meet and speak to Jazzmin, after the interaction-- you feel as though she has left you a bit of glitter and sparkle in your heart. Dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful, and a true servant leader, Jazzmin Rivers is the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas Program Coordinator for High School Bigs and is our Spotlight Employee of the Month.  
As the Program Coordinator for our High School Bigs - Elementary School Mentoring program, Jazzmin works with local high schools matched with elementary schools to provide high school mentors for elementary school children. Over the last few months, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas has continued to serve active matches in the community despite social distancing barriers. This is mostly in part to the daily work of Jazzmin Rivers. Having to pivot to e-mentoring, Jazzmin continues to help tailor programming and dedicate resources to youth and families. She does so by aiding in creating settings for our Bigs and Littles to stay connected with weekly virtual meetings, with icebreakers and one-on-one sessions and activities like virtually touring the White House. As you can see, continuing to build meaningful relationships to advance the BBBSCC mission is high on Jazzmin's priority list. When asked what she likes most about working at BBBSCC, she shared that she wants to" empower the Bigs to empower their Littles. I'm fulfilled, watching them grow together, both benefiting from the relationship and building strong, long-lasting connections".
Before coming to BBBSCC, Jazzmin lived and taught in South Korea as an English teacher and worked in ministry and outreach. “ I have always enjoyed serving others and was introduced to working in underserved communities during a volunteer project in high school” Jazzmin shares. During the project, Jazzmin shadowed the activities of Ms. Ann, a social worker who worked with minority and marginalized populations. "I vividly remember, Jazzmin recalls, watching the reaction of Ms. Ann's clients when she visited. The children would sprint out their homes' doors to greet Ms. Ann; their excitement and genuine love for her was palatable. I realized that reaction to Ms. Ann was because she treated all of her clients with respect, -- she had sincere conversations with them to unpack their needs—and then she provided resources to address what worked for them. I admired that Ms. Ann never gave her clients a textbook model of solutions; to this day, her methods have inspired me and Ms. Ann has become my mentor," concludes Jazzmin.
In the 90's a hit television show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had an impact on Jazzmin and remains one of her all-time favorites. "I love the show because it is a great example of what opportunity, love, and support can achieve. The Uncle Phil character on the show was Will Smith's mentor–Uncle Phil coached, motivated, and focused on helping Will’s character be the best he could be-- it is like what we do at BBBSCC—except we do it in real life" she beamed
Jazzmin also has a favorite quote etched on the front of a glitter decorated notebook she carries—it says, "Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go." – it’s such a fitting quote because at BBBSCC we are sure that she leaves a bit of sparkle in the lives of those we serve! 

Please join us in congratulating Jazzmin Rivers as our BBBSCC Staff Spotlight of the Month!
Everyone, meet Donna Davis. Donna’s favorite motto is “seize the day”, a motto that is reflected in her job as the Major Gifts Office at BBSCC. As she builds partnerships to increase funding for the BBBSCC organization, she demonstrates her drive and passion for serving the community.
Before her work in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, Donna became a business owner but continued working in nonprofit organizations. Her work in nonprofits symbolizes her love for the community. She believes that the mentoring system that our organization has instilled in the community is crucial for children. Donna also believes mentoring programs provide support to children in need, but more importantly, as our hearts open up to the children, they can build a support system that will allow them to flourish in their futures. 
When Donna was growing up, certain toys became important to her, in particular, the Happy Family and the Sunshine Family dolls. She believes the joy and love that brought kids through the organization is something that can be carried with them as they grow through life, just like the dolls did for her. The love in the organization is felt not only felt by the children, but also by the staff. As leaders, we ensure that the beliefs and the mission of the organization are carried throughout the community.

Please join us in congratulating Donna Davis as our BBBSCC Staff Spotlight of the Month! 
A special thanks to The Cabarrus County Government Employees philanthropic group for sponsoring a game drive, which included board games, Legos, books, crayons & puzzles. They also gave a monetary donation, which they collected from employees during their "Jean Days". We appreciate you for continuing to empower the youth during this time.
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