Community-Based Big of the Month
Congratulations to our October Community-Based Big of the Month, Shalewa Moore!
"Shalewa and Nevaeh have been matched for over two years. Their relationship started in our Site-Based program and has now embarked on a new journey as they recently transferred to the Community-Based program. Shalewa has shown Nevaeh a great amount of support over the years and is excited to continue their relationship in a different capacity."

What is the best part about being a Big?
"I appreciate the opportunity to join the BBBS program because it has taught me a lot about myself. Being an only child, I'm happy to say I now have a little sister. I have enjoyed seeing her grow and become a smart, thoughtful, and well-spoken young lady. She always exceeds expectations. I’m looking forward to continuing to see her flourish as well as our relationship."

How did your relationship survive during the pandemic?
"It was disappointing not being able to see my Little in person, especially during her last year in middle school, but I’m happy that we were able to maintain our relationship the best way we could. I wanted to keep the lines of communication open and continue to be a resource and support system for her. My Little and I enjoy simply talking so it was fairly easy for us to stay connected virtually while I know it was a challenge for some of our peer matches. I thanked my Little for being open to continuing our relationship. We are looking forward to spending time together in the Community-Based program."

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, Shalewa!

We want to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to Shalewa and Nevaeh for staring in our BIG Toast Video this year. Thank you both for sharing your story with us all!

Do YOU want to make a Big Difference? Become a Big Today! For more information on how to become a Big, click the link below.
Now through Oct. 24, donate $1 at your local Arby's to impact the lives of kids in your community and across the country. Thank you, Arbys Foundation, for your support and advocacy for youth mentorship. 
We are excited to partner with Express to create confidence and unlock potential for youth across America. Littles, share how your Big has inspired you to achieve something you're proud of! Our BBBS of Central Carolinas Board Member and BBBS of America Board Member, Cheslie Kryst, was on the Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about the launch of the partnership. Check it out here.
Join our Young Professional Leadership Council for a movie night. They will be showing the must-see movie James Bond movie, NO TIME TO DIE. You don't want to miss this.
Our Young Professional Leadership Council (YPLC) is seeking young professionals, age 40 or younger, who are dedicated to developing an awareness of and interest in BBBSCC. We welcome professionals of all genders, races, and perspectives from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors into the YPLC.
For questions, please reach out to Rhonda Bishara at rhonda.bishara@bbbscentralcarolinas.org.
Thank you to Governor Roy Cooper, the state of North Carolina proclaimed September as Big Brothers Big Sisters Month. Thank you for supporting our mission to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth

Everyone, meet Rebecca Soto. Rebecca is the Enrollment and Match Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas (BBBSCC), and we are excited to spotlight her this month!

Rebecca's role as an Enrollment and Match Specialist involves conducting orientations, interviewing new match participants, and creating matches based on the best fit between the Big and Little. Before coming to BBBSCC, she was a graduate assistant in the Sociology M.A. program at UNC Charlotte. 
When asked what her favorite part of her work is, Rebecca stated, "conducting match meetings is my favorite part about working at BBBSCC. Introducing match participants for the first time and facilitating their first conversations is so rewarding. There is no better feeling than taking a match picture at the end of the meeting. To see everybody leave so excited to start this journey off together. To think that I have potentially introduced two people who could stay connected for the rest of their lives and form a true bond….makes every moment of hard work worth it".
Rebecca's favorite moment at BBBSCC was making her first match. "I transitioned over from Match Support, so I had supported hundreds of matches but never made my own. I was so nervous the day of the meeting, but I was confident in knowing that all my experience in Match Support had helped me make a wonderful match. That Big Brother and Little Brother are still matched today and have a great relationship.
When Rebecca described the importance of mentoring, she mentioned it was essential. "Everybody needs someone to lean on. As a Big, you get the opportunity to invest in a child's future and potentially make an impact that can change the trajectory of their whole life. When I was growing up, I had some wonderful mentors, but while in college I had a manager who became an amazing mentor to me. She connected me with campus opportunities that I never even heard of, and was the one who encouraged me to apply here at BBBSCC, stated Rebecca. 

Fun Facts:
  • One of my mottos is “She believed she could…so she did”. 
  • My favorite show will always be Friends.

Please join us in congratulating Rebecca as our BBBSCC Spotlight Employee of the Month!
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