Community-Based Big of the Month
Congratulations to our June Community-Based Big of the Month, Kevin Lilly!
What impact has the Big had on your child’s life?
"My son has been truly blessed by his relationship with his mentor. Kevin Lilly has remained consistent and thorough regarding building a relationship with my son and mentoring him. I feel like he is literally family and I trust his input with my son and involvement.  His efforts to mentor my son are heartfelt, sincere and consistent from day one. My son’s grades have improved. His temperament, his understanding of what is expected of him in school and as a growing young man have been impacted.  Kevin Lilly has been a mentor for my son for the past 4.5 years just about. It has been a match made in heaven."

What are some of the best activities the match has done together?
"They have marched with the Alphas in the MLK parade, love going to breakfast, studying together at the library, and focusing on sports and fitness which they are both passionate about. Kevin attended his Little’s basketball games and cheered him on. He was also there to support him at his Littles middle school graduation."

Does the match work on goals together?
"Yes, they have goals that they work towards. Kevin understands the impact of doing well in school and how it will impact the future. They have lunch or breakfast and talk about how he’s doing weekly.They go to the library and study as well."

What's the Littles favorite thing about the Big?
"My favorite thing about him is that he is always there for me and he likes sports as much as I do."  

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor Kevin!
How to Support
We need your help! Cancelling our Big Breakfast could mean that 215 children do not get matched with their caring adult mentor or Big this year. With your help, we can continue change the lives of children for the better, forever. A gift of $10/month can match a deserving children with their mentor. Thank you for your support during this challenging time for our organization and for our community.

County Highlights
Jodi Griesman, York County Program Coordinator, facilitated a virtual scavenger hunt with Little Sister Serena and Big Sister Allie. They have been matched for 18 months. Serena is 9 years old, and Allie has helped Serena with her confidence and self-esteem. To follow the social distancing guidelines, they have stayed connected through video chatting, and Allie has dropped off care packages to Serena. One of the items they both displayed for the scavenger hunt was a canvas painting they each made during a match activity together.
The middle school students from Northwest Cabarrus Middle School participated in a 3-year workplace mentoring program starting as 6th graders. Now as rising freshmen, they have graduated with new skills ready to face high school and beyond. Based on data from the school, there is evidence that the students who participated in the program used the skills of conflict resolution, goal setting, and leadership to improve their overall behavior in school and interactions with teachers and their peers. CLICK below to watch our End of the Year Video.
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