November 2020 EDITION
Community-Based Big of the Month
Congratulations to our November Community-Based Big of the Month, Christina Mehta!

What is your favorite thing about being a Big? 
"There are so many reasons I love being a Big! In the course of the last six years, Rose and I have developed a strong bond. We can just pick up the phone and pick up a conversation like time hasn’t passed. I have enjoyed making memories that I can cherish for a lifetime. Rose and I love attending Big Day at the Lake, eating pizza, and making art projects together." 

Do you have any advice for other Bigs out there?
"My advice to other Bigs is to be willing to try something new. I remember Rose expressing interest to go ice skating, and neither of us had ever gone ice skating before. We tried it and had a blast. Another example is I learned Rose is a huge music fan when I took her to Pops in the Park.  I would have never learned this about her if we hadn’t tried something new and gone to Pops in the Park.  We are always on the lookout for new adventures and have a lot of fun along the way!"

What are you most proud of in your match?
"Rose is blossoming into the most amazing person. Some of her most admirable traits are generosity and compassion. She has this wonderful and caring spirit! She always thinks about others, especially her family. I am privileged to be able to call Rose my friend, and my sister. It makes me feel whole to have her in my life." 

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, Christina!
Thank you, The Mithun Ramesh Show, for having Area Director Connie Rheinecker on your show to share a little bit about our organization. 

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Thursday, November 5th Huntersville
Big Brothers Big Sisters Gear at Lids!
We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Lids! The company known for sports gear will spread awareness and raise funds for the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Visit your neighborhood store with a Custom Lids, select your favorite style of hat—you can even pick one that has your favorite sports team on it, and they’ll add the Big Brothers Big Sisters logo, too! And $7 of every purchase will help defend the potential of youth across the country. Over the next several months, Lids will carry new designs featuring the Big Brothers Big Sisters ‘electric green’, so be sure to check back often to add a new hat to your collection. Encourage friends to do the same and take a picture and share on social! Be sure to include hashtag #BiggerTogether in your posts.
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