Community-Based Big of the Month
Congratulations to our June Community-Based Big of the Month, Ray Redwood!

Congratulations to Ray and AJ for currently being the agency's longest-running active match! They were matched in 2008 and have been going strong ever since. AJ and Ray's match began when AJ was just five years old before AJ started his first year in school. AJ sent Ray a picture of his first day of school and called his Big Brother to tell him all about it. Thirteen years later, AJ is now a Senior getting ready to graduate from High School and continue his education. Ray and AJ have enjoyed doing many activities together throughout the years, including boating at Big Day at the Lake, playing and watching sports together, going out for lunch or dinner, and going to Discovery Place. As AJ grew up, he found new ways to engage with the program. Last year AJ completed an internship through the Big Brothers Big Sisters SUCCESS program, which led to a temporary position at Discovery Place. Over the years, the match has become like family. What started with small outings just for Ray and AJ has grown into spending time with each other’s family and even spending some holidays together. Ray was nominated for Big of the Year and has positively influenced AJ’s life. 

From Little:
What is it like being matched with Ray?
"Ray taught me pretty much everything I need to know. He made sure I was doing well in school and always had the right answers for everything I needed. My favorite thing about being matched with Ray was that every time we hung out, I had the best time ever!! Ray has always been there for me and always had the best advice for me, and we always have a fun time when we hang out." 

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, Ray!
Do YOU want to make a Big Difference? Become a Big Today! For more information on how to become a Big, click the link below.
Our Littles completed the 2020-2021 Beyond School Walls Program. Our matches did virtual Kahoot’s together and received End of the Year gifts sponsored by Atrium Health. Click the link to see how the event went.
Our 2020 – 2021 High Bigs Program has come to an end. There were a lot of fun games, food, and drinks at the celebration. Each Little received an art supply backpack for summer fun. Click the link to see how the event went.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas is a proud to receive the 2021 MENTOR North Carolina Gold Program Partner Badge. We participated in the National Quality Mentoring Systems(NQMS) process, and have demonstrated a high level of adherence to quality standards and are committed to continuous improvement in our mentoring programs.
We are thrilled to announce that Big Day at the Lake is back! Each year, generous Boat Hosts from Lake Norman take our Bigs and Littles out on the water for a day of fun in the sun! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Picnic will not take place this year. 

Please note that our partners at Big Day at the Lake require all Boat Hosts who would like to participate in this event to be fully vaccinated by July 10th, 2021. For more information on signing up to be a Boat Host or making a donation visit the website below. 
Visit your neighborhood store with a Custom Lids. Select your favorite style of hat. You can even pick one that has your favorite sports team on it, and they’ll add the Big Brothers Big Sisters logo, too! And $7 of every purchase will help defend the potential of youth across the country. Encourage friends to do the same and take a picture and share on social! Be sure to include the hashtag #BiggerTogether #BBBSCC in your posts. Custom embroidery is available for purchase from now through September 30, 2021.
Everyone, meet Jacqui Bryant. Jacqui is the Donor Database Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas. She joined BBBSCC in April of 2020 and works closely with the Development Team to make sure the gifts that BBBSCC receives are appropriately allocated and that our donors are appreciated

Jacqui has been working in donor database services for the past six years. Before that, she worked with the Easter Seals for 12 years on a marketing program. Jacqui loves communicating with our donors and expressing her sincere and genuine appreciation for their support of the programs at BBBSCC.

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Jacqui enjoyed dance as a little girl. She recalls one particular instructor who made her feel as though she was her only student and instilled in her the value of her worth. Over the years, Jacqui has reflected on the impact this dance instructor had on her life and career path. She realized that impact had made her want to touch other people's lives as well. Jacqui has wonderful childhood memories of watching Disney specials on Sunday evenings with her whole family, a weekly activity that she looked forward to. As a single mother whose children came to her through foster care, Jacqui personally understands the impact that a mentor, someone other than a child’s parent or guardian, can have on a child and the positive effects that can result. 

Jacqui’s favorite quote is “The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children.” Nelson Mandela.

Please join us in congratulating Jacqui as our BBBSCC Staff Spotlight of the Month! 
Everyone, meet Sieta Hynes. Sieta was born in Holland and spent most of her adolescent years growing up in Brazil before moving to the US her junior year in High School. After graduating from the Catholic University of America with a Master’s in Social Work, Sieta began her career working in Foster Care. When she got into the Foster Care industry, she met her boss and mentor of 12 years, Charlie. According to Sieta, “Charlie was someone she could always talk to about anything and everything. He had a wonderful listening ear and a great sense of humor.”

Sieta left the workplace to become a full-time mother to her two daughters, Jenna and Shannon. She returned to work as a part-time Match Support Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas a little over ten years ago. After two years, Sieta became a full-time employee. Today she is the Site-Based Program Manager and oversees 9 Site Based programs. What she loves most is seeing the connection grow between the kids, their families, and the matches. These connections become long-lasting friendships. One of Sieta’s favorite match activities is Big Day at the Lake in July. Here Littles and Bigs enjoy a day on the water enjoying, boating, swimming, and just having fun. “It is wonderful to hear the excitement in the Little’s voices as they share their boating experience at the picnic.”

When Sieta was asked what her favorite childhood toy was, she went to the bookcase behind her and took down a very worn and loved teddy bear that she has had in arms reach since she was two years old. Sieta, we are so fortunate to have you.

Please join us in congratulating Sieta as our BBBSCC Staff Spotlight of the Month! 
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