Community-Based Big of the Month
Congratulations to our October Community-Based Big of the Month, Matthew McMillan!

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a Big? Any advice for other/future Bigs?
My favorite part about being a Big is that it forces and encourages you to place things in the correct perspective. I think the match process does this in two ways. One way is that if you're truly caring and loving your little, so many stresses that can plague your day start to feel much less significant. Being a Big forces you to learn about your privilege and allows you to realize some stressful topics and issues aren't worth worrying about. Another way is that when we are tasked with instructing and mentoring our littles, we are being forced to grow and mature. How can I exhort my little brother to work harder in school, to be kind to his little siblings, and to help his mother, without explaining why this is important? And how can I explain this why without understanding it and displaying this same drive in my life? To be a more effective mentor, I must show that same ethic in my own life. We also have a chill relationship, and I enjoy just hanging out with him."

From the Guardian:
"Matthew has had a very positive impact on my son Jamon, as far as helping him with his schoolwork, calling and checking in with him, and making sure he is doing well."

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor Matthew!
Site-Based Big of the Month
Congratulations to our October Site-Based Big of the Month, Frank Jetton!

What does being a Big mean to you?

"Being a Big reminds me of those experiences growing up where I followed a crowd and later realized I made a poor decision. Sharing that I made bad choices with Isaiah shows I’m human. And through honesty, by owning up to mistakes, we can become better - more responsible people. I hope to demonstrate how being an independent thinker who questions everything is how I expect to earn respect from others."
What surprised you most about being a Big to your Little?

"I forgot how fun it is playing strategy games like Connect 4, Battleship and Monopoly. Isaiah impressed me by beating me numerous times in tic-tac-toe and Connect 4."

What are you most proud of in your match?

"He’s a likable fellow who has a big heart. Isaiah’s teachers and peers respected him @ Reid Park. He played OZ in the school play. He wants to do great things.  We discuss how to improve smart phones. One day he will change the world for the better."
 What is your favorite part about being a Big?
"I hope we will both look back someday and remember the trick basketball shots in the gym and making homemade Mother’s Day cards. I really enjoy the times the two of us brainstorm and come up with ideas for making the world a better place.  I hope our experience together inspires Isaiah to become a mentor to other kids someday."

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor Frank!
County Highlights
York County Program Coordinator, Jodi Griesman, provided a program overview to 10 employees at E.W. Process in an effort to foster community awareness with a Fort Mill business. Thank you to E.W. Process for the opportunity and we look forward to a future partnership.
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