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 From Big: 
"Justin is a very intentional and loving younger brother. He’s an extremely generous young man and I’ve enjoyed getting to bond with him as my little brother. He’s helped me realize how much wisdom can come from children. He always has a unique perspective and is immensely intelligent. We love playing Roblox together. This was how we connected while quarantining during the peak of the pandemic. "
Would you rather ...
  • Live in a place with a lot of trees or live in a place near the ocean? A place with a lot of trees! I’m not much of a lounging by the beach kind of person.
  • Meet your favorite celebrity or be on a TV show? I’d love my own TV show!
  • Instantly become a grown-up or stay the age you are now for another two years? Stay the same!
  • Have eyes that change color depending on your mood or hair that changes color depending on the temperature? Eyes that change colors sound cool!
  • Visit every country in the World or be able to play any musical instrument? Traveling the world would be fun!

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, Alfredo!
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Thank you to Dave & Tracy Yochum, all of our sponsors, and everyone who participated in Big Day at the Lake for raising over $90,000 to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas. A huge thank you to all of our volunteer Boat Hosts for spending time with our matches and making Big Day at the Lake possible.
Join us in-store at Kendra Scott for a giveback event. 20% of the proceeds will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas!

August 14th

Sips, socializing & shopping!
We had an amazing time at our Back to School Bash last month. A BIG Thank You to Elevation Church - Concord for supplying backpacks & food, Concord Mills for donating $100 gift cards for the Bigs to take their Littles back to school shopping, and Cabarrus Health Alliance for setting up games for the kids. A BIG thank you to Uwharrie Bank, Christenbury Neighborhood, and Cabarrus Business Network for collecting school supplies for our Littles. We hope our Littles have a fantastic school year!
Everyone, meet Sarah Miller. Sarah is the Program Coordinator for Cabarrus High School Bigs at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas (BBBSCC) and we are excited to spotlight her this month!
As a Program Coordinator, Sarah works with Cabarrus high school students and Cabarrus elementary school students and matches them together based on similarities and common interests. These matches meet at the Boys and Girls Club for fun and learning one time a week. Sarah is also the Enrollment and Match Specialist for Cabarrus. In this role, she completes the enrollment process and matches all of the Bigs and Littles for the Community Based program.
While attending Marshall University, Sarah volunteered with the Big Brothers Big Sisters in West Virginia and became a big sister. Upon graduating with her degree in Social Work, she worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters in West Virginia. After two years, Sarah transferred to our affiliate here in Central Carolinas. August 8th will be her 5th anniversary with us. When asked what she likes most about her work, Sarah states, “seeing how we are helping change people’s lives is the best feeling. Getting to experience the transformation in a match from start to finish and seeing the progress of the match over the years is amazing.” Sarah knows firsthand how it feels to change someone’s life as she is a big sister herself.
Sarah shared the most memorable moment at BBBSCC was watching a Community-Based Match blossom over a year timespan. She remembers at the first match meeting, the Little was so shy, and he didn’t speak to anyone. A year later, he ran up to her and hugged her, and shared experiences about his Big. Sarah explained that “mentorship is life-changing. Having someone to lean on, listen to you, and essentially be there for you through the good and the bad is life-changing.”
Galatians 5:13: Serve One Another Humbly in Love. Sarah shared this when asked what her favorite quote is. She shared, “serving one another with love is an important reminder that during challenging days my job is to serve others with love; no matter what the situation is, the outcome has to be positive. You never know what other people are going through, and my job is to serve other people with love no matter what they are faced with in life.”
Everyone, meet Donna Dunlap. Donna is the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas (BBBSCC) and is also known as our Fearless Leader. We are excited to spotlight Donna as one of our employees of the month!

Reporting to the BBBS Board of Directors, Donna is ultimately accountable for the financial health of the agency, ensuring BBBSCC programs are relevant and impactful, that all donors and funders are appreciated, and for employee, volunteer, and child satisfaction & safety. As CEO for Big Brothers Big Sisters, her mission is to enable the organization to provide purposeful one-to-one mentoring to help change the lives of youth who are facing adversity for the better.

Donna has over 30 years of non-profit and for-profit leadership experience. Prior to joining BBBSCC, Donna worked in senior management positions for Xerox and Microsoft and credits her colleagues in those corporations as her mentors.

Donna first became familiar with Big Brothers Big Sisters through her mom’s volunteer work as a Big Sister. Her father was actively engaged in the community assisting children facing adversity. Donna now serves as a Big Sister herself and has a passion for improving the lives of children in the Central Carolinas. She loves seeing the impact mentoring has on a child’s life and has watched BBBSCC’s vision come true in real-time.

Donna’s motto in life? “Find your passion and purpose-live your best life!” And fun fact: Donna’s favorite movie is E.T., even though it makes her cry every time. You’re not alone, Donna. 

Please join us in congratulating Sarah and Donna as our BBBSCC Spotlight Employees of the Month!
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