January 2018
Keeping Alumni Engaged in Independent Schools 
A few years ago, I had a conversation with an alum from a boarding school about how to keep alumni engaged with their schools. The alum said "I loved my school and, in many ways, it changed my life for the better, but you need to stay in front of me to tell me why I should continue to care about my school."

Showing up is the bottom line. Having alums hear about the experiences that the current students are having will help them relive their experiences.

Many independent schools continue the traditional methods of engaging alums. These include
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Kind Words from our Client

"I have worked with Brakeley Briscoe in four different venues - three of them in higher education - over the last 20 years. The world is full of consulting companies who create templates and smash clients into cookie cutters where we don't fit.  But Brakeley Briscoe does not do business that way.  They listen.  They pay attention.  They are creative.  They get to know the soul of an organization and they then apply their well-honed skill sets and proven experience to address the real needs and opportunities that are presented. You will find that not only will your fundraising be more successful through their assistance, your overall operations, communications and strategy will be as well. " 
Adelia Thompson
Vice President for University Advancement
Newport News, VA 
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