The BBL High School National Program provides top high school players (BBL and non-BBL), the opportunity to play in special additional highly competitive events occurring outside of the regular regional travel team schedule. The program consists of a few mini camps preceding each event. Each team is coached by a collection of top BBL coaches and guest coaches.


Sand Storm Lacrosse Festival (Palm Springs, California) Jan 14 & 15

Championship format + amazing vacation destination played against top West Coast and National Team programs

Naptown (Annapolis, MD) June 26 - 28 

The most competitive National Team tournament and top tier recruiting exposure


September 17, 2022

Location: Florham Park Sports Dome

2026 NON BBL Player Link - 1 PM - 3:00 PM

2026 BBL Player Link - 1 PM - 3:00 PM

2025 NON BBL Player Link - 1PM - 3:00 PM

2025 BBL Player Link - 1PM - 3:00 PM


Contact: Bryan Armstrong 

Director of BBL National High School

Building Blocks Lacrosse | 973-425-1206 |

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