With the exciting news from Tuesday’s BC Health Update, we can now begin to prepare for the 2021-22 AAA hockey season!
The BC Government’s 4-stage restart plan will allow us to begin to prepare for our AAA Identification Camps this summer. To that end you can expect to see registration open very soon. The following information will help you prepare for the upcoming registration when it opens:
Q: What is the cost to attend the camp?
A: The cost is $300 plus GST per participant.
-      Female U18 - $315 total
-      U18 - $315 total
-      U17 - $315 total
-      U15 - $300 total (GST is not applicable to this age group)
Q: How does the AAA ID Camp process work?
A: CLICK HERE for the evaluation process policies for all the AAA programs.
Q: How do I know what zone I am eligible to participate in?
A: You can find a full breakdown of BC Hockey AAA draw zones here.
Q: When will AAA ID Camps take place?
A: We will have more information soon.
Q: Do I have to participate in a AAA ID Camp to participate in AAA programming?
A: All players who wish to participate in AAA programming must complete an evaluation process to be considered for a AAA roster. The ID Camp is the primary evaluation process for all players.
Q: What if I can’t attend my zones AAA ID Camp?
A: If a player is unable to attend a AAA ID Camp, the participant must contact the AAA coordinator for a try-out exemption. If the player is successful in being granted a try-out exemption, the participant will work with their zone's general manager to coordinate an evaluation.
There will be much more information coming soon. Please keep an eye for correspondence via email, social media and at www.bchockey.net.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email zone@bchockey.net or call the BC Hockey office at 250-652-2978.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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