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February 2024
Ohio Total Solar Eclipse ~ April 8th, 2024
Two-Hour Early Dismissal Notice
Ohio will experience a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Many parts of the state will be in total darkness for a few minutes during the midafternoon. For those of us living in the Fairfield County area, we will see about 98%-99% of the sun blocked by the moon during the maximum obscuration at 3:13 p.m. This also happens to be at the same time our elementary students are dismissing. The partial eclipse begins at 1:55 p.m. and ends at 4:27 p.m.

There are several factors that schools must consider in our plans for this event, and the safety of our students is our highest priority. Providing proper supervision and ensuring all students adhere to solar eclipse safety viewing guidelines during dismissal, or while riding a school bus, poses a challenge for our staff. As a result, all schools will operate on a two-hour early dismissal schedule, for students only, on Monday, April 8, 2024.

Being in the path of this eclipse provides a unique learning experience for students. Our staff will take advantage of this learning opportunity to teach students about this scientific phenomenon and incorporate the eclipse into as many content area lessons as possible. Students and staff will be provided with CE and ISO certified solar eclipse glasses to view the event safely.

Students may be excused from school on April 8th if they are planning to travel to areas where there is total obscuration. A parent/legal guardian must notify the appropriate attendance office prior to April 8th. We also realize not all parents’ schedules allow for such travel, or absence from work, and we understand the hardship a closure or early dismissal can be on each family. This unique event, and its timing, poses a considerable challenge for our staff and our students’ safety. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we attempt to take advantage of this teachable moment while also keeping our students safe.

Please visit the links below to learn more about the eclipse and viewing safety guidelines. Please contact a building administrator with any questions.

Thank you,
Shawn Haughn

Celebrating 2024 Hall of Fame Inductees
We are excited to announce the 2024 Bloom-Carroll Hall of Fame Inductees: 

  • Bruce Leary
  • Jake Lott
  • Kyle Houser
  • Bill Bradbury
  • Kristen Black
  • 2006 State Champion Softball Team
  • 2007 State Champion Softball Team
  • Mark Williams - Service Award Recipient

The induction ceremony will take place on Friday, February 9th at 6:45pm, prior to the varsity basketball game in the Bloom-Carroll Middle School gymnasium.
BC Students Selected for All-County Band Festival
Congratulations to the Bloom-Carroll students who were selected as representatives for the 2024 All-County Band Festival held earlier this month.
Middle School Representatives:

  • Lily Dyar
  • Matthew Enyart
  • Tucker Gortner
  • Jonah Harrell
  • Isaiah Kennedy
  • Casey Kirkpatrick
  • Rylan Miller
  • Jonathan Nelson
  • Reagan Snell
High School Representatives:

  • Cora Bell
  • Haley Bennett
  • Dylan Catte
  • Khazey Divan
  • Brendan Gonzalez
  • Jacob Kim
  • Jackson Moore
  • Angela Robb
  • Maren Robertson
  • Stephen Stange
Exploring Career Pathways at Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical School

Eighth grade students from Bloom-Carroll Middle School recently traveled to Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical School to tour the facility and gain insights into a variety of career pathways.

During the visit, the career center staff provided hands-on learning experiences in labs and workshops, giving students a real-world perspective on the skills they would learn in classes at EFCTS.

As these students move toward high school, this experience lays a foundation for making informed decisions about their future career options.
Native Wonders: Fifth Grade Artifacts Tell a Story
In a exploration of Native American Culture, 5th graders at BCES undertook artifact projects to learn about the rich history of various tribes. Through these creative projects, students learned about the diverse traditions that have helped shape North American culture.

Using technology, students created Google Slide presentations to showcase their learning and designed artifacts to share with the class.
Dreaming Together: Second Grade's Tribute to Dr. King
In a heartwarming initiative, 2nd grade students recently kicked off a meaningful project centered around the inspiring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Each student created their own "I Have a Dream" speech and shared their projects with classmates. The project not only served as an exploration of Dr. King's life, but also encouraged students about the importance of working together to create positive change in their classroom and beyond.
Planning for Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather, we want our families to be prepared for possible school delays, closings, and early dismissals. Planning ahead can help to reduce the scheduling conflicts and address the supervision needs your child(ren) may have in the event of a closing, delay or early dismissal. 
In the event of inclement weather or some other event that results in a school closure or delay, BCLSD will notify the public using the following methods:

  • BrightArrow Technologies Notification System- Phone, SMS, and email messaging system: Parents will be notified using one of these methods. Parents who have opted out of SMS will not be notified using this method but will still receive phone calls and email notifications. Please log into your Final Forms account and make sure your phone number and email address are correct to ensure you will be notified.

  • Bloom-Carroll Local Website

  • BCLSD Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

  • Local Television and Radio Stations
Mark Your Calendar

February 1st: Parent Teacher Conferences

February 7th: Board of Education Meeting

February 9th: 2024 Hall of Fame Induction

February 19th: No School President's Day

March 4th - No School: Teacher PD Day

March 29 - April 1st: Spring Break

April 8th: Ohio Total Solar Eclipse
2-Hour Early Dismissal
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