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September 2019
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The Borderline… The word “concertina” refers to a musical instrument, similar to an accordion, that operates with expanding and contracting bellows. Keys on both ends of the instrument change the pitch. The instrument is small, and it is to be played in concerts, hence the diminutive feminine noun “concertina.” It sounds elegant. Here on the border, however, the word is primarily used as an adjective, as in “concertina wire,” and it’s anything but elegant. Huge, ugly stuff – large rolls of shiny barbed wire meant to snare and scar anyone who tries to penetrate its presence – the latest addition to the border wall running through Ambos Nogales. While nothing about the wall is beautiful, the concertina wire is particularly egregious. We’ve seen this wire in photographs of World War I and World War II; of the Berlin Wall; of concentration camps; of No Man’s Land between North and South Korea. Wire like this is not installed between friendly nations, only hostile enemies. No wonder the tiny city of Nogales, Arizona, has sued the federal government to remove this blight on their community. How can we get beyond this image, meant to define the relationship between US and Mexico? An alternate image, it seems to me, is the walking stick used by the Tohono O’odham people. For 300 years, members of this indigenous Tribe have participated in an annual pilgrimage walk to Magdalena de Kino in Sonora, Mexico, from their homes north of the border to pay homage to San Francisco Xavier and St. Francis Assisi as they visit the burial site of Eusebio Francisco Kino. With Yaqui, Mayo, Mexican, Hispanic American and Anglo-American pilgrims joining in, the Walk is an alternative to everything that constricts and binds us, everything that frightens us, everything that evokes hate, like concertina wire. The walking stick says I am free and I will wander; I will not be afraid of strangers, for many have welcomed me into their homes. I will visit many places where the customs and languages are different, and I will see new things, smell and taste new things. And I will thrive in the beauty of the landscape, in the wonder of creation, in the mountains and in the desert. And I will walk because I am here, not just to be welcomed by others, but to offer that same welcome to others from my heart, for in doing so, I have found many strangers have become friends.                            Jerry Haas
Author and scholar Seth Schermerhorn is giving two presentations on his book Walking to Magdalena this week: Thursday, Sept. 5 at the University of Arizona and Friday, Sept. 6 at the Tubac, Presidio. Check our website or call for more information. 
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Social Investment Profile Series
BCA is embarking on an effort to raise awareness for our partner organization, Nogales, Sonora community foundation FESAC as well as the borderlands NGOs of the FESAC-BCA network. These NGOs, social projects of civil society, are visited on our Nogales Cross Border Tour and we invite you join us if you have not already done so on this original tour! Border Community Alliance has special permission from the IRS to pass through donations to these organizations vetted by our partner FESAC. The projects include the San Juan Bosco Migrant Shelter, ATIC - the young family austism and behavioral association, DEIJUVEN - the youth center run by the Silesian order, ARSOBO - the wheelchair, hearing health and prostheses project serving the public among many others. We hope that this BCA special feature series of infographics, what we are calling Social Investment Profiles, inspires you to make a social investment towards these critically important efforts of borderlands civil society. A big thank you to Angela Gervasi, an alum of the 2017 BCA Internship program and journalist who has returned this summer to work for the nonprofit and who made this series possible.
Click this link for our inaugural profile on director of FESAC --> Alma Cota de Yanez
The Fall Round Up
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Tuesday October 8, 2019
2-4 pm
BMO Harris Bank 270 W. Continental Dr.
Green Valley, AZ
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Bridging the border and fostering community through education, collaboration and cultural exchange
Panaderio~Rio Sonora
Panaderío (a play on the Spanish words for bakery, panaderia, and 'bread from the river') is a brand new and extraordinary reason to visit the Rio Sonora region . Owned and operated by Ines and Mauricio, a husband and wife team originally from Hermosillo, the bakery celebrated their grand opening just over a week ago.
Recently, BCA had the fortune to visit and enjoy both the aromas and flavors emanating from the micropanaderia while in the region for the Dia de San Lorenzo festivity.
We could not be more thrilled with the quality of all of their products from their delicate alfajores to their 'cochis' or pig shaped piloncillo flavored pan dulce to their fantastic real sourdough loaves. Located next door to the hotel La Posada del Rio Sonora and just off the main plaza of Banamichi, we are excited that a bakery of this caliber now exists especially in a region with a particularly deep and rich wheat growing heritage.

We invite and encourage you to join nonprofit BCA on our next trip to get to know this outstanding new culinary feature to the fabric of the community of Banamichi first hand.

A Visit to the Rio Sonora Region  
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Beautiful Rio Sonora

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Walking to Magdalena
at the U of A Campus
September 6
Walking to Magdalena
For reservations call theTubac Presidio at 520-398-2252
US Immigration Then & Now
Sonoran Flour Tortilla Workshop
Sept 25 ~ 10:30-12:30
BCA invites you to this special cooking workshop on a hallmark of the culture of our region, Sonoran flour tortillas and led by Minerva Orduno Rincon. Nogales International recently featured Minerva for her work in bridging the border and fostering community through sharing and teaching on our cross border gastronomic heritage: 
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BCA to Start Unique Spanish Language Program

I n an effort to expand understanding of the Spanish language and culture while taking into consideration the unique learning requirements of adults, BCA is sponsoring a six-week program of group conversation sessions to help adult learners acquire and exercise Spanish language skills. Each group will be assigned one or more BCA volunteer facilitators who will help the group establish goals and measure progress. At least one BCA volunteer with each group will be fluent in Spanish, and some of the volunteers will be native Spanish speakers. Starting this fall, BCA will sponsor two weekly sessions, one for beginning and one for intermediate Spanish speakers. As the program develops, BCA will add more sessions, possibly starting in 2020.
Organiztional Meeting: FREE
6 week Class -$60 Members $80 Non-members

A Stranger at My Door
Book Presentation
Sonoran Gallina Pinta Workshop
Mining Heritage of the Borderlands
2020 BCA Trip Destination Survey
The nonprofit would appreciate your feedback on which location for a possible 2020 annual early summer BCA Trip would be of most interest to you.
join us on

October 11th ~ 10:00 am
Calling all Volunteers
We invite you to join us for this upcoming Autumn BCA Volunteer organizational meeting Friday, 11 October from 10am - 11am at the BCA office in Tubac. The purpose of gathering will be an orientation to the Fall season calendar of BCA cultural programming [Cross Border Tours & The Borderlands Forum events] and to outline and assign future available volunteer opportunities. It is also a chance to connect with BCA staff and board members over Mexican Pan Dulce (pastries) and coffee about nonprofit milestones and future plans.
The new BCA season is upon us.
Consider filling out a BCA Volunteer Application and email to Board President Cecilia Quade .
OR mail it to PO Box 1863 Tubac, AZ
Still Time to get Tickets!
Our generous friends at the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation are hosting a concert with Dennis Quaid and the Sharks at the Tubac Golf Resort on Saturday, September 14. General admission tickets are $30 and if purchased through this link ten dollars out of the thirty-dollar total will go to BCA.  We appreciate the support of GGVCF and yours!
Jerry Haas
General Admission Check-in 2pm
Concert begins 3pm Concert ends 6pm
Job Opening
JOB OPENING: As our members and friends know, BCA continues to grow with more classes, tours and special events. Our intern program attracts more and more interest. In response, BCA’s Board of Directors has approved a position of PROGRAM COORDINATOR. Responsibilities include promoting BCA, leading tours, coordinating the intern program and assisting with program development. We seek a highly motivated person with good communication skills (speaking, writing and social media) and good interpersonal skills. Competence in Spanish required. This is a contract position slightly less than full-time (3/4). The person selected will work alongside our Director of Program Operations Alex La Pierre. Anticipated start date: October 1. Send cover letter and resume to AJ Hernandez at ajh.bca@gmail.com.    
Tubac Office now open!

NEW Office Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 am -12:00 pm.
Additional hours by appointment.
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