Vol 17
October 2019
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The Borderline…The words on the chapel wall are from the prophet Hosea, “The desert will lead you to your heart where I will speak.” I went on retreat, hoping for a break and maybe some inspiration, but at first, I was just going through the motions. It has been a long and challenging year. We live at such a chaotic time in our history. Is anybody else just tired? Selfishness and greed seem to rule the day and it is hard not to get caught up in the conflict and hate. “I know my side is right; how can you think the way you do?” Even if we don’t say it, that’s how many of us feel. We are entrenched, angry, self-righteous. Or at least I am sometimes. The theme of the retreat was “Sources of Compassion and Strength,” words that seemed pathetic at first and then elicited a faint hope. Perhaps I (we) could find something. The faculty presenters, one a Catholic layperson and the other a Jewish rabbi, guided our days and centered our thoughts, drawing on resources from all faith traditions. We sang and prayed, sat in silence and talked. With no TV and no newspapers, we left the news cycle behind for five full days. Some of us laughed for the first time in a long, long time and some of us cried. The world’s brokenness didn’t leave us; we carried too much of it inside. But we left some of it there, shucked it in our confidential setting. It was all renewing and we were an eager bunch. I don’t think I’ve ever been with a group of people hungrier for renewal than these folks. And it all took place in the desert, just as the prophet said it would. How long had it been since I had really looked at creation’s wonder? A thunderstorm in the middle of the day washed the landscape clean. The rich, oxidized air was laced with desert aromas. I thought about the Tohono O’odham people who have lived in the Sonoran desert for centuries, their annual walk to Magdalena and the poetry of tribal member Ofelia Zepeda. I wandered around the retreat center, located next to Saguaro National Park West; walked the labyrinth surrounded by creosote bushes and stumbled through the stations of the cross nestled among the saguaro. I got up early and watched the sun rise over the Rincon Mountains to the east. At night I wandered among the stars and watched the moon rise and wane. I heard the coyotes yip and whine. A rabbit shyly hid and hopped, scampering across an open spot to nestle under a brittlebush. My soul followed. I wanted to stay a long, long time. But still, it was enough. Nature’s tenacity inspired me to stay open, to breathe and to listen. We need strength to show compassion, the kind of strength revealed when we let down our defenses and soak in some humility. Or as Czeslaw Milosz said, “Not that I want to be a god or a hero. Just to change into a tree, grow for ages, not hurt anyone.”      Jerry Haas    
Social Investment Profile Series
Our second entry in the Social Investment Profile Series, FESAC Director Luis Torres. Please click here to read the full interview .
The Fall Round Up

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Tuesday October 8, 2019
2-4 pm

BMO Harris Bank 270 W. Continental Dr.
Green Valley, AZ
Admission is free.

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Bridging the border and fostering community through education, collaboration and cultural exchange
Last Chance to register for our trip to the Rio Sonora Region this month! The next trip in January is already sold out and we invite you to get to know this gorgeous river valley where the Ronstadt family is from (and see the new documentary on Linda!) Read this New York Times article to learn more about the Ronstadt family connection to the Rio Sonora. NY Times-Ronstadt

A Visit to the Rio Sonora Region  
Here & Now Tour
Located just 60 miles south of Nogales, Magdalena de Kino has been honored as a Pueblo Magico, a special designation bestowed by the Mexican federal government because of its high level of historic and cultural significance to the nation. Just far enough away from the border, this tour provides an opportunity to take in the serene provincial heart of regional Sonora. The community is the terminus of an internationally famous pilgrimage route that spans both the United States and Mexico. This day trip includes both a look back to the past and a glance at the contemporary challenges of a small Mexican city along with a visit to neighboring San Ignacio to visit one of the Jesuit black robe Eusebio Francisco Kino's first missions founded at the end of the 17th century
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With its unique intersection of history, climate and geography, Álamos, Sonora is one of the most fascinating places to visit in northern Mexico. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental range, and in the transition zone between the Sonoran Desert and the subhumid tropical south, the community was originally founded as a silver mine or real de minas in the late 17th century. The colonial town is one of Sonora’s two Pueblo Magicos and inhabits a remarkable but endangered biome known as the dry tropics. Historically, Álamos represents the northern outpost of traditional Spanish colonial urban centers with mining centered economies such as Guanajuato, Zacatecas and Durango.

This inclusive 5 night - tour includes an overnight in San Carlos on the way down and Hermosillo on the return north to make the trip down to Álamos more comfortable.

This trip has the added advantage of being a small group visit (no more than 14 guests) for a more intimate Sonoran experience.

Nogales, Cross
Border Tour
Dec 4 (3 spots left)
Gastronomic Tour
Nov 23 (3 spots left)

Kino Bay

Borderland Forums & Events
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Day of the Dead
Mexico's Day of the Dead tradition has been declared intangible cultural heritage of the humanity by UNESCO since 2003. How did this celebration became known worldwide? Day of the Dead is a cultural and historical construction that condenses European and Pre-Hispanic elements. Is an expression of the colorful, diverse, dramatic, and amazing mixture of symbolic features created in Mexico for centuries around the death. This lecture will explore the history and meaning of this cultural expression.

1:30-3:00 pm
CPAC- Community Performance & Art Center
Green Valley
US Immigration Then & Now
A Stranger at My Door
Book Presentation
Sonoran Gallina Pinta Workshop
Enjoy one of the lesser known Sonoran Soups, Gallina Pinta in this hands on workshop.

A mixture of pinto beans and hominy, this beef based soup is neither spotted nor chicken based on the name gallina(hen) Pinta(spotted) implies. This meal will be rounded out with a deliciously Sonoran take on the shortbread cookie, polovornes de pechita y nuez, mesquite and pecan shortbread cookies. A refreshing agua de flor de jamaica will round out the meal.

November 5 ~ 3:00-5:30
Suggested donation $ 10.00
Green Valley Library
The Long Shadow (A Frances Causey Film)

"This hard-hitting film, depicting the history of racism in this country, will be shown on PBS nationally in January or February. Frances Causey, producer and director, will be at this special viewing to respond to questions afterwards. Join us for this special event."
Brunch and the Border
Mining Heritage of the Borderlands
join us on
October 11th
10:00-11:00 am
Calling all Volunteers
We invite you to join us for this upcoming Autumn BCA Volunteer organizational meeting.

The purpose of gathering will be an orientation to the Fall season calendar of BCA cultural programming [Cross Border Tours & The Borderlands Forum events] and to outline and assign future available volunteer opportunities. It is also a chance to connect with BCA staff and board members over Mexican Pan Dulce (pastries) and coffee about nonprofit milestones and future plans.
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2020 BCA Trip Destination Survey
The nonprofit would appreciate your feedback on which location for a possible 2020 annual early summer BCA Trip would be of most interest to you.
Job Opening
JOB OPENING: As our members and friends know, BCA continues to grow with more classes, tours and special events. Our intern program attracts more and more interest. In response, BCA’s Board of Directors has approved a position of PROGRAM COORDINATOR. Responsibilities include promoting BCA, leading tours, coordinating the intern program and assisting with program development. We seek a highly motivated person with good communication skills (speaking, writing and social media) and good interpersonal skills. Competence in Spanish required. This is a contract position slightly less than full-time (3/4). The person selected will work alongside our Director of Program Operations Alex La Pierre. Anticipated start date: October 1. Send cover letter and resume to AJ Hernandez at ajh.bca@gmail.com.    
Tubac Office now open!

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