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Welcome to our review of 2017. What a year it has been! From a a successful convention in Atlanta, to the election of one additional member to the board of directors, to a record membership enrollment, it has been a memorable year for BCA-USA. And all this without mentioning the close to 120K raised for the MPC and the amazing progress with the facility! It's been a year of significant accomplishments - thanks to you our members. Thank you so much. Your commitment and support made an enormous difference. We have lots to look forward to in 2018. For now, here is a look back at some of the incredible work we achieved in 2017.
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The Editorial Team
Events: Successful Convention in Atlanta
Governance: A full Board of Directors
 At the Annual Convention hosted, BCA-USA members elected Ba Nkom Gwanbidpua Tangeh to the board of Directors.
Governance: Proposed Finance Committee Adopted
The BCA-USA finance committee is charged with assisting the BCA-USA Treasurer in overseeing, managing and reporting all financial transactions of BCA-USA to the membership. This committee will comprise of 5 members and will be headed by the Treasurer. 
Fundraising: Close to 120K raised for MPC
Outreach: Service to the community
Members volunteer during convention weekend
Members in Colorado and Houston lend a helping hand
Membership: Record Membership Registration
MPC: Huge strides with Landscaping
We end the year with major progress in the construction of our flagship project, the MPC. Landscaping of the facility is currently underway and on schedule.
Chapter Empowerment
As part of its strategic focus on chapter empowerment, BCA Special envoys, Ba Titamohkumi, Ni Julius Ndangam and Ni Alex (Ba Sam) Ngati respectively visited Houston, Dallas and San Jose to meet with BCA members in these chapters and to assist with chapter restructuring. Below is a picture taken during the visit to Northern California chapter .
Awards and Recognition
BCA members recognized for their services during the 2017 BCA-USA Awards

Valeria Awah Ngafor - in recognition of exceptional leadership as Southern Texas Chapter President.

Sama Esau Jangha - in recognition of exceptional leadership of 2016 Convention in OKC.
Samkeah Titanji - in recognition of exceptional leadership of Culture Committee and promotion of Bali Culture.
Gabby Njinimbot - in recognition of exceptional leadership rebuilding Eastern Chapter.

Pheasan Bih Ngang - in recognition of exceptional leadership as Secretary in Membership Committee.

Kehmia K. Tangeh - exceptional Leadership as Public Relations Officer and Co-Chair of 2017 Convention.

Candice Ngwa - Exceptional Leadership as Vice-Chair on MEMCOM, Chair of COP and President of Northern Texas Chapter.
Marie Nangah and FRC - Exceptional Leadership and Teamwork raising over $100,000 towards MPC
Ma Eveline Gwaabe Yongbi, MEMCOM and Nkaptod Team - Exceptional Leadership and Teamwork growing BCA USA Membership to over 500 Members for the first time.

Ba Nkom Gwanbidpua and Mamoun Valuma Tangeh: In grateful recognition and deep appreciation for over 25 years of exceptional, consistent and outstanding service to BCA-USA since its founding in 1988.
Official BCA tshirts launched
Sangria shirt
Polo shirt
$2000 Support for Hurricane Harvey Relief
In Memoriam
Ni Victor Nchamukong
1961 - 2017
Ba Tita Todmia Gabriel Fonyonga
1955 - 2017
Ba Titus Fomuso
Ba Nkom Titus Fomuso
1939 - 2017
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