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From the Pastor

It's time for Annual Meeting, and there are lots of links to documents this week, so suffice it to say that there is much anticipation and excitement for 2022.

The office will be closed on Monday, January 17 for the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If you can offer service to the community that day, you would be honoring his legacy. You might also want to read some of his writings.

Stay safe and stay warm,

Pastor Leigh

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You can join our in person worship service live at 9:30 on Sundays. Your face will not be visible in the Sanctuary, but you will be able to hear and see most of what is going on. Please keep yourself muted and feel free to sing along! You can also dial in from your phone to hear the service. Here is the link to the bulletin so you can follow along:

Here are the instructions:

From a computer or tablet:


Meeting ID: 833 5361 4867

Passcode: 05641

From a cellphone, click this link:


For audio only on your phone, dial this number:

 +1 929 205 6099

Meeting ID: 833 5361 4867

Passcode: 05641

News From the Parish Nurse

It’s January 2022 and we are still wrestling with COVID19. Omicron has turned out to spread more easily with most people experiencing milder symptoms especially those who have been fully vaccinated. The problem we are facing in the United States isn’t the severity so much as the shear volume of those getting sick all at once which is impacting hospitals, schools and and our work force. 

I am sharing a CDC update on recommendations for quarantine should you or someone you know test positive or suspect you may have COVID19. 


This said I am looking forward to being able to resume blood pressure checks again after worship in the library at church once renovations are complete which will be a more accessible space.

CDC Updates and Shortens Recommended Isolation and Quarantine Period for General Population | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC

How to Prepare for Covid-19 This Winter
You Tested Positive for Covid-19, Now What?

Faith Formation

Cary Friberg and Susan McKnight are looking for a few people to join them on the Faith Formation ministry. We offer activities, conversations, presentations, and eventually in-person opportunities to learn, communicate, share, deepen, and develop our Christian Faith. Email either or to let them know you want in.  

Office Updates

Please note our new church office hours, starting on Jan 1st: 9a-4p, Mon-Thurs. The church office will be closed on Fridays. The deadline for newsletter articles or content is Wednesday by 9:00 am. 

Note to Those Who Use the Kitchen

We will be discontinuing our compost service with Cassella’s until further notice. If you use the kitchen to prepare a meal, please plan to take your compost home with you. 

Annual Meeting

In order to allow the largest number of members to participate in our Annual Meeting, we are sending out the Annual Report and ballots (mail, email or in person) in advance of the meeting, so that at the meeting itself, the results of the voting on the ballot items will be announced. 

The members of the Barre Congregational Church are hereby notified and warned that the Annual Meeting of the Church will be held Sunday, January 23rd, at 10:30 am, both in the Sanctuary and on Zoom to report upon the results of voting on the following issues:

1) The 2021 Annual Report of the Church (Document A)

2) The budget proposed by the Finance Ministry and approved by the Council (Document A)

3) Celebrating the 2022 slate of officers and Deacons

Moderator                  Carolyn Friberg

Vice Moderator          Scott Funk

Clerk                          Amanda Pugliese

Treasurer                   Pam Murphy

Deacons                     Jan Aldrich

                                   Laura Cadmus

                                   Darlene Clark

                                   Ilene Gillander

                                   Brendan Hogan

                                   Cheryl Zanleoni

4) A report of the Property Committee of the Finance Ministry (Document B)

5) – To approve revisions to the bylaws as outlined. (Document C)

6) – To name The Rev. David Vanderlinde-Abernathy as Pastor Emeritus of the Barre Congregational Church (Document D)

Members will receive a copy of all of the documents, along with a ballot that can be returned by email, by postal mail or in person by January 23rd. 

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Ministry Updates

Keep up with our Ministries by reading the meeting Minutes!

Finance Meeting

Mission & Outreach


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Larry Holt

Nickolas Johnson

Cherie Frost

Jane Joslin

Jay Tosi

Joyce Copping

Jan 21st

Jan 21st

Jan 23rd

Jan 27th

Jan 28th

Jan 30th

BCC Prayer List

Jan Patch

Ethan Bradley

Jonathan Barre

Geannie Bone

Phyllis Larabee

Rachel Gordon

Gabrielle Laniviere



The family of Richard Lunde


David LaFlower


Tink & Joyce Copping


John Derrick

Magoon/Fuller Family

Jane Cook


Anita Friot

Zoe Zanleoni

Susan Fleming



Donald White

Onia Bergeron

Goldie Swift

Laurie Barre

Harland, Lori and Ryan

Ruth James

Marcia Cadmus

Grace White




The Hoy Family

John Hooker

Rev. Lynn Bujnak and wife Peg

Shawne, John and family

Don Murray 

You can email names to our church office. We will be renewing our prayer list monthly.

Get In Touch With The Church

Your Church Council and Deacons

Moderator: Kerrick Johnson

Vice-Moderator: Pam Murphy

Clerk of the Church: Amanda Pugliese 

Treasurer/Finance: Scott Funk

Diaconate Ministry: Don Singer 

Faith Formation Ministry: Cary Friberg

Mission & Outreach Ministry: Kelly Funk

Worship & Arts: Ritva LaFlower


Jan Aldrich

Laura Cadmus

Tony Campos

Lauren Jo Chase

Ilene Gillander

Don Singer

Cheryl Zanleoni

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