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From the Pastor

Some of you who tried to call me early this week got a message that "the subscriber was unavailable". My phone was acting up. Since I am old enough to remember working before cellphones, I was really frustrated. How could this "thing" have become so necessary to my daily life? But there it was. Off to the phone store I went.

The young man there could not have been nicer or more helpful. He wasn't even condescending. He asked a few questions, then logged to our account, and within a minute found the problem (wrong phone number in the profile) and fixed it. Bang! Suddenly the phone blew up with messages and call notifications, and I was back in business.

How I wish that we could fix everything so easily! Believe me, if I could just log into the year 2020 and delete the "COVID 19" file, I would. If I could even go back further, to the time that so many of you remember, when the church was full all the time, when the pressing problems were finding enough Sunday School rooms and raising money for building repair, I would go back there.

Of course, it's not that simple. Like the cellphone that has profoundly changed my life and ministry, the world is different. The day is not going to come when "the church opens up and everyone comes back". We will eventually have a fully functional building, and a beautiful organ, and I have had some people tell me that they will start coming to worship in October.


If you are waiting for "everyone" to come back, you will be disappointed. Who needs to come back is you. Not to some fairytale fantasy of what this church was, but to the exciting, hopeful, unfolding of what we will be together. Barre Congregational Church has a glorious past. It could also have a glorious future, but not without you. The church is already open, and has been for over a year. We are renovating not only the building, but ourselves. Join us in person or on ZOOM. You, too, might have some "messages" waiting for you.

Pastor Leigh

Like the current building process, our website has been "renovated"! Please feel free to take a look at our new and improved website.

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You can join our in person worship service live at 9:30 on Sundays. Your face will not be visible in the Sanctuary, but you will be able to hear and see most of what is going on. Please keep yourself muted and feel free to sing along! You can also dial in from your phone to hear the service.



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Meeting ID: 865 5966 3321

Passcode: 05641

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News From the Parish Nurse

As you may have heard recently there has been a lot of promotional information about getting a second Covid-19 booster now that it is available, especially if you are part of a high risk group. Some health organizations are even promoting getting your flu shot at the same time.

The concern about this strategy is that the immunologists believe the flu vaccine only has about four months of peak activity before it starts to wain. So getting your flu shot too early could make it less effective during the later part of flu season. So, when should you get your flu vaccine? Experts recommend the end of October, at the earliest, later in November being a better time. 

Get your second COVID-19 booster now if your eligible and want that extra protection. It is a good idea to delay your flu vaccine for later in the fall. 

Doubling Up on Covid Boosters and Flu Shots

Organ Update! 

Those of you attending worship in person or via zoom have by now noticed that the grillwork in the chancel has been completed. After the art team paints the facade pipes that go in the two big arched openings, the work in the chancel will be complete! The picture I am including shows the interior of one of the organ chambers (the one on the left side of the chancel). This chamber houses the pipes of the swell division, which is the top keyboard of the organ. Once complete, it will contain over 1000 of the organs pipes. Currently the organ builder is working on connecting the windlines to the blower and various windchests in this division.

Two New Children's Music Classes Offered in Barre, Vermont

Music Pups® is an innovative early childhood music and movement development program for infants through four-year-olds. This class is a 10-week program featuring a series of nonsequential classes for children and their parents or caregivers. The family style classes for children of mixed ages, birth through 4 are held Barre Congregational Church, 35 Church St, Barre, VT. The first session (four sessions per year) will start October 5 at 1:00 p.m. Music Pups® uses a series of interactive collections of children's music during class which is also used at home to further stimulate musical leaning through play. Produced by The Music Class®, these original albums are used by early childhood music educators nationwide. The collections contain a diversity of styles that stimulate the children such as classical, rock, jazz and blues. Children are exposed to the sounds, scales, instruments and rhythms of diverse ethnic groups. These include Caribbean, African, Jewish, Rumanian, Russian, and Japanese as well as American. All the songs are very interactive and not just for listening. There is always something to do with each song such as clap, run, sing or sway. Even infants participate as their parents or caregivers hold them while doing the activities.

Nuvo WindStars is an instrumental class for children ages 5 and up learning to play wind instruments and will be held at Barre Congregational Church on October 5 at 2:30 p.m. This is a program designed to teach children wind instruments from an early age. The program uses Nuvo Instruments which are made of plastic and silicone, making them completely submersible in water for sanitary and durability purposes. Young students, age 5-6 start on Doods and Toots (clarinets and flutes, but smaller) in WindStars 1 with iconic music notation. Then in WindStars 2, they may graduate to standard music notation and start on jFlute, Clarinéo, jSax, or jHorn. WindStars 2 can also be a starting point for children 7-9. These classes are designed as group classes which use movement, games, craft materials, percussion instruments, breathing exercises, written exercises, and so much more to learn basic music concepts like reading, writing, improvising, and composing music and concepts like steady beat, melody, and harmony.

Registration for both classes is currently underway. For more information, please visit: Or email Larissa West.

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