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From the Pastor

At the congregational meeting Sunday, we announced the results of the vote about the money for the renovation. The motion was passed with more than sixty "yes" votes and one "no". It seems like we have done a lot of voting this year, and yet I am grateful every time. Managing a church as a direct democracy is messy and sometimes frustrating. But it is also empowering. We as a congregation have chosen to invest in our beautiful old building, believing that it will be an important tool for us to use to do good in the community. We can't lose sight of the purpose here; it's not about the building but the ministry we can do with it.

To that end, the Faith Formation Ministry is starting the assessment and planning process for a program for kids that will give them experience and training in the fine arts. So - if you know a family with children 8-15 years old that you think would talk with me about weekday programming for kids, please send me their contact information.

As the mortarboards sail into the air this month, the Council is planning a Sunday in August to celebrate all those who have graduated from academic programs in the last two years, and to honor the educators in our midst in person. If someone in your family has completed an academic degree recently, please send an email to the church office with their name (and a picture if you have one!). We will also announce the recipients of the church scholarships.

So, there's plenty being planned for after the renovation. And once it starts, the building will be a little different each time you come in.

But we aren't standing still while we wait. This Sunday, we will celebrate Fathers' Day and Juneteenth, and honor the legacy of men who have made freedom a reality. Bring a man that you admire to worship with you. And then on June 26th, we will celebrate Pride Sunday, with Rev. David Vanderlinde-Abernathy preaching. If you have friends who think that church couldn't possibly have a place for them, invite them to worship with you. We will celebrate all of God's beloveds.

Drink in the beauty of this season. The Holy Spirit surrounds each of us with the wings of love.


Pastor Leigh

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You can join our in person worship service live at 9:30 on Sundays. Your face will not be visible in the Sanctuary, but you will be able to hear and see most of what is going on. Please keep yourself muted and feel free to sing along! You can also dial in from your phone to hear the service.

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Meeting ID: 82152139967

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Church Gathering

We had such a great time at the last church gathering that we've decided to do it again!  Meet us for simple fun and good conversation at Don & Sherry Singer's house on 262 Hill St Barre, VT 05641. Parking will be in the driveway or on Goodhue Ln.  Feel free to bring your own drinks, snacks, and chairs; although there will be snacks and drinks available. See you there! 

News From the Parish Nurse

As we move further along the endemic and closer to the new normal, many states like Vermont are no longer providing weekly COVID19 updates. To find out what your county rating is or a place you may be traveling to, the CDC has a COVID Data Tracker on it’s website which allows you to put in the state and the county that you need. Also depending on the rating (high, medium, or low), the CDC provides recommendations for precautions people should take to avoid the risk of getting and spreading the virus. This information is updated weekly on Thursdays. As of the most recent update, Washington county was rated low which means no masking requirements for most situations. There are exceptions. Some medical offices or facilities might still require masking or you may find that you are more comfortable masking in certain situations regardless of the current CDC recommendations. 

As always vaccination, hand washing, and staying home when you feel unwell is still the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. If you do a home test and it is positive; contact your provider and follow their instructions.  

Covid Data Tracker

Gobble Wobble 

On June 7th, the Gobble Wobble team presented outgoing Town Manager Carl Rogers with a certificate of appreciation and a $1000 donation to the People's Health and Wellness Clinic to thank him for his many years of support of the Gobble Wobble Turkey Trot and service to the community.

The Fellowship Group

The Fellowship Group will be going out to lunch on Tuesday, June 21st, at 12pm. Lunch will be at the Barre Country Club. Orders will be placed from the menu available. Please call Pam Murphy at 814-244-5900 to reserve your spot or if you need a ride. 

Historical Document Opportunity

Per our church historian, Linda West, we have multiple copies of the 100th anniversary of the building renovation bulletin and the church's sesquicentennial pamphlet. If you would like your own copy of these historical documents, please contact the church! 

Vermont Interfaith Action: Abolish Slavery VT Campaign Lunch

This weekend, Vermont Interfaith Action is hosting a series of free events celebrating Juneteenth and focusing on passing Prop 2 which would prohibit slavery and indentured servitude of any kind. 

Click here for additional info! 

Laundry Love

Your Mission & Outreach Ministry served around 12 people and did $241. 25 worth of laundry at Laundry Love this month!

The Book of Remembrance Committee

The Book of Remembrance committee is seeking someone to enter the names of deceased members into the Remembrance Book. If you can do calligraphy or have nice penmanship, please consider this project. There are approximately 40 names to be entered. The committee has agreed that his effort will be financially compensated. Please contact Jean Brown at 802-476-6742 or the office at 802-476-3065 if you would like to be considered for this project.

Ministry Updates

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You can email names to our church office. We will be renewing our prayer list weekly.

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Elected Council members:

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Clerk of the Church: Amanda Pugliese 

Treasurer: Pamela Murphy


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Members of 2022 Ministries

Chair of each ministry is also a member of the Council.

Administration Ministry

Chair - Amanda Pugliese

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Faith Formation

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