The BCCDC has recently released an update to their Guidelines for BC's Hotel Sector to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission . This document provides hotel operators with guidance
As plans for reopening continue, several key changes have been made to the guidelines:
·     Guidelines are significantly less prescriptive than original version.
·     Cleaning during a guest’s stay is not prohibited anymore, it is recommended to clean the rooms when guests are not in the room.
·     The requirement to allow 3 hours before entering the room after check out has been removed.
As guidance and regulations are updated to respond to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic in BC, operators are strongly advised to regularly review public health recommendations, Provincial Health Officer Orders, and WorkSafeBC protocols within which hotels are expected to operate. We will continue to keep you informed on ever changing protocols.
Throughout COVID-19, there has been an increase in fraudulent certification programs. Members have reported receiving emails encouraging them to participate. Be cautious and research the validity of these organizations when approached. For further guidance, contact our team at BCHA before engaging - . BCHA is currently working with industry partners and our provincial and national counterparts regarding a certification program, and the pro’s and con’s of developing and managing one on behalf of industry. We will keep you apprised.