June 25, 2020 Weekly Newsletter -
This is the seventh issue of our weekly news update. For past issues of our newsletter are available on our website in the reports section.
BCCCMB thanks all the artists who submitted posters at the BCCGA Mainland Picnic poster contest. We used many of these posters in last year's desk calendar. If the following artist families are affiliated with your farm, and you'd like your poster back please message Cheryl cheryldavie@bcchicken.ca :
  1. O Bouldman
  2. J and L Burton
  3. G, T, J and E Emery
  4. M Gietema
  5. J and K Hoefakker
  6. D Tiessen
  7. H and T Whitely
  8. B Woodland
  9. Erza
  10. Anonymous Artist: BC Chicken will DAZZLE (with lots of sequins)
The final deadline to enrol for the 2020 AgriStability
program year is July 3, 2020.
AgriStability protects agricultural producers against declines in their net farming income
due to market conditions, production loss and/or increased costs of production.
• Payments are made if a producer’s current year margin (eligible income minus
eligible expenses) falls more than 30 percent below their historical margin.
Additional income protection has been made available through the recently
established B.C. AgriStability Enhancement Program.
o B.C. has removed the Reference Margin Limit and increased the
compensation rate from 70 percent to 80 percent, which means that every payment in 2019 and 2020 from AgriStability will be increased by a
minimum of 14.3 percent.
• Enrolment fees can be paid without a penalty until July 3, 2020 or within 30 days of the
date on your 2020 Enrolment Notice, whichever is later.
• Producers who miss the July 3, 2020 deadline will not be eligible for any 2020 AgriStability benefits.
The ministry has an excellent team of dedicated professionals who help B.C. farmers
manage their business risks. They are there to help you with questions about protecting
your income, you can contact them directly by phone 1-877-343-2767; or email: AgriStability@gov.bc.ca
Industry News
Having a strong Return to Work Injury Management program results in cost savings, retention of skilled and experienced workers, compliance with legislation, and clearly demonstrates care and value of workers.

AgSafe’s Return to Work Injury Management information is intended to support employers with options and resources to help them take a proactive approach when it comes to managing worker injury.
For more info Contact AgSafe BC at  
Water - The Forgotten Nutrient: What Could You Be Missing?
Tuesday, June 30, 2020 8:30 a.m. P.S.T.

Please join Dr. Kayla Price, Canadian Technical Manager at Alltech, to learn about strategies for managing your water lines and water quality to help improve bird performance and health.
As of July 17, 2020 BCCMB's new office will be located at:
#220 - 1848 McCallum Road, Abbotsford BC V2S 0H9
Tel: 604-859-2868
Email: info@bcchicken.ca
The deadline to submit Quota Transfer Papers for period A-166 is July 15th. if you equire more information, please contact Karlie Erickson , Production Coordinator  karlieerickson@bcchicken.ca
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