June 5, 2020 Weekly Newsletter -
This is the sixth issue of our weekly news update. For most relevant COVID-19 updates and resources, please visit the COVID-19 section of our webpage.
Message from British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board Executive Director
From the Desk of Bill Vanderspek

A-165 Allocation

The CFC directors have postponed the meeting to set the A-165 allocation (August 30 to October 24, 2020) that was originally scheduled for June 2. The postponement was intended to provide as much time as possible to gauge the recovery of the market from the effects of COVID-19. The A-165 allocation will now be set by the CFC directors via conference call on Tuesday, June 16.  As was the case in A-163 and A-164, it appears that it may be challenging to set a national allocation without recognizing regional differences. The western boards and processors continue to experience a more robust recovery in demand for chicken products than some of their eastern counterparts. We will keep the industry informed and will strive to issue A-165 Quota Production Allotments to growers as soon as possible following the CFC directors meeting on June 16.

Agri Stability

Thanks to those that took the time to participate in the Agri-Stability Webinar that was hosted by the BC Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday, May 26. As mentioned in an earlier edition of the BCCMB weekly update, Agri-Stability is an option being considered by many BC farmers. If you missed the webinar, more information including a copy of the presentation is available on our website.

Staff update

In this weeks’ BCCMB Update we have posted an opportunity for employment with the BCCMB as a Field Service Representative. This is due to the departure of Jason Maarhuis as a member of the BCCMB staff effective May 22, 2020. We wish Jason the best in his future plans.
Next Quota Transfer Deadline July 15
The deadline to submit Quota Transfer Papers for period A-166 is July 15th. We are no longer accepting quota transfers papers for period A-165.
If you have any questions or require more information, please contact :
Karlie Erickson , Production Coordinator  karlieerickson@bcchicken.ca
Industry News
AgriStability Application Deadline July 3, 2020
BC chicken growers are eligible to apply for AgriStability, a business risk management tool that protects farmers from declines in their net farming income due to increased costs of production, market conditions, and/or production loss. Payments are made if a grower's current year margin falls more than 30% below their reference margin.
British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board Employment Opportunity
The British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board currently has an job opening for Field Services Representative.
Canada Youth Employment and Skills Program
The Youth Employment and Skills Program provides a wage subsidy to employers who hire youth 30 years old or under for agricultural jobs. The program offers support for 50% of wages to a maximum of $14,000. The program also offers up to $5,000 for rellocation costs. Click here to apply.
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