May 15, 2020 Weekly Newsletter -
This is the third issue of our weekly news update. For most relevant COVID-19 updates and resources, please visit the COVID-19 section of our webpage.
Message from the Chair of the British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board
From the desk of Harvey Sasaki
We know that these have been very difficult and challenging times for everyone in the industry with uncertainty being the constant, to coin the old saying “it is best to expect the unexpected”. Despite this, the chicken industry in BC, from hatching egg producer to hatchery to broiler grower to processor have been working collectively and collaboratively together to address each and every challenge and find solutions to maintain the supply of fresh chicken and chicken products to BC consumers. My sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you involved in the BC chicken industry.

Message from BC's Chicken Farmers of Canada Director

From the Desk of Derek Janzen
The pain of this pandemic is being felt by farmers and processors in every province across Canada. Some provinces have been affected more adversely than others.
CFC has been working hard with provinces and the federal government on a myriad of issues including depopulation and compensation.

The CFC Directors adjusted the allocations for both A-163 and A-164 to address the massive decline in the food service industry. It is our hope that for A-165 levels of production will improve as provinces begin to “open up” and people start to go out to eat again.

Through this pandemic Supply Management has proven to work. As a chicken industry we are feeding Canadians while keeping prices stable.

I wish all of you and your families well as we navigate these difficult times.

Derek Janzen
BCCMB CFC Director and First Vice Chair, Chicken Farmers of Canada
Message from BCCMB Executive Director
From the Desk of Bill Vanderspek

We are very pleased to be able to report that all three of the processing plants that had experienced closures due to COVID-19 are back in operation, albeit with reduced line speeds and capacity. Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry resumed production after a two day shutdown and expect to be back up to 75% of normal capacity early next week. United Poultry commenced cutting and packaging operations this past Monday, and Superior Poultry was cleared to begin processing broilers this week Wednesday. The BCCMB directors and staff are very grateful for the cooperation between the processors and the flexibility that growers extended in order to accommodate revised shipping schedules. Board staff are tracking shipments that were either held out or pulled early in order to ensure that no grower that had his schedule changed will face overmarketing levies as a result.

Next week the CFC directors will be revisiting the A-164 allocation in light of the planned restart of various segments of the economy. The CFC directors will attempt to assess the possible effect on chicken demand across the country. We hope to have more information to share with you on A-164 in next week’s update.

Best wishes to all for a great and safe Victoria Day Weekend.
B. Vanderspek
Executive Director
Industry News
Quota Utilization
The Allocation Utilization as of week 8 of period A-162 which ended May 9, 2020 is 100.17%.
Better Together Kitchen Hacks
This is the last week to enter the Better Together BC's Kitchen Hacks Challenge. Share a short video about how you make an easy to prepare family meal. For every entry, $100 is donated to local food banks in BC. BCCMB is a proud sponsor of this initiative to encourage families to prepare food and eat together more often.
CFC Feel Good Campaign
 Chicken Farmers of Canada needs your help to generate social media content that demonstrates how farmers are rising to the challenge and adapting during the COVID-19 . Email for more information.
COVID-19 and Your Mental Health
It is not uncommon to experience intense stress, anxiety and depression, especially in he middle of a pandemic.
AgSafe BC has compiled a list of mental health organizations that you can access on their COVID-19 Resources page. 
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