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BCDL Communiqué

December 2017

“Balancing perfection with agility in both planning and development.”
May 10th, 2016 PDL Symposium, p. 3

BCDL Steering Committee - Business Analysis Update
Work continues on the business analysis. From early discussions and meetings, it is clear that digitization and preservation aspirations and needs vary widely in our communities. A survey, distributed across the GLAM sector in early December, intends to gather information about digitization priorities of knowledge sector organizations in BC, including existing approaches, standards, and infrastructure. We are also interested to gather perspectives about the prospective services that might be offered under the auspices of the BCDL. The survey is just one sliver of the business analysis pie. An environmental scan, including an assessment of existing digital libraries, interviews, and operational analysis of potential models will also inform the report. It is expected that the final report will be available on the BCDL website in Spring 2018 .
Supplejack Gets a Test Drive at Code4lib BC
Nanaimo, November 30/December 1, 2017

Code4Lib BC traveled to Nanaimo recently. Vancouver Island University and Vancouver Island Regional Library hosted a fabulous 2 day event where GLAM sector employees shared technology and initiatives. Dan Sifton presented on the  Supplejack Triclops Architecture  which demonstrated how our single Supplejack instance is shared with OurDigitalWorld. This model provides 3 regionally themed discovery layers to isolate (or combine) content from each province. During a breakout session hosted by Dan and James Fournie, attendees also loaded and manipulated metadata from around the province in a sandbox environment that mimicked the functionality and potential of a BCDL service.
BCDL Committee Members join the NHDS Metadata Working Group
Meetings continue between the BCDL Admin Team and the NHDS Secretariat. Recently 2 BCDL Committee members, Dan Sifton and Bronwen Sprout, joined the NHDS Metadata Working Group. While the committee is in it's early stages of formation, we are very pleased that the collaborative exchange of ideas at this high level continues. BCDL has always stressed the importance of aligning provincial work with national initiatives.

Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2018
The OLA Super Conference Program is out! Join members of the BCDL Admin team and OurDigitalWorld staff at the OLA Super Conference this January in Toronto. The session, taking place February 2 at 10:45, will outline the process that led to the collaboration across the country on a common platform to deliver digitized content for the citizens of BC and Ontario using a unified infrastructure.
Holiday Greetings

Happy holidays and a healthy New Year from the BCDL Steering Committee and Administrative Team. We look forward to delivering more news on the initiative in 2018!

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