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This Month, 65 years ago the 65th Infantry Regiment was in the horror of an extremely dangerous war in the hills of South Korea. During Operation Thunderbolt they were ordered to seize the hills called 149 and 172, which was occupied by the 149th  Communist Chinese Division as explained Ron Miller, historian of the Eighth Army.

The operation began on January 31 and on February 2 after the tenacious resistance, the Borinqueneers managed to conquer the hills 149 and 172 in an arduous attack. In this attack the infantry soldiers had their bayonets fixed to their rifles and attacked fighting hand to hand and forced the Chinese to abandon their positions. This year the Borinqueneers will climb another hill...This hill is Capitol Hill of the United States Congress in Washington, DC.

They will personally see the medal that was authorized by Public Law 113-120 in 2014.   In August 2014 we began the process in the creation and development of the design of the Congressional Gold Medal of the United States in collaboration with the Office of the United States Mint.   I have already written and we have talked about this issue on a number of occasions. The design phase is done and the medal was approved by the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.  

In October 2015 the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal began the final minding process. Then the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress has scheduled a formal ceremony, which will take place in the Capitol.

This ceremony and tribute to the Borinqueneers will be organized by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Honorable Paul Ryan and be carried out this year.   A historic moment as this entails a great deal of organization and work, for this purpose the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee was established.  This committee is comprised of volunteers; and among them there are military officers, military retirees, lawyers, community leaders, executives of the Congress, sons of Borinqueneers and this humble servant.  All the merits and awards will be for the Borinqueneers, pride and satisfaction for all of us as a community that worked so hard to get such an important triumph to honor our Hispanic heroes.

Here we all win; but this time those who will speak and express themselves will be our Borinqueneers. It is time to give them a chance for them to tell us how they feel after 65 years of having sailed by the bay of San Juan, Puerto Rico. They will have the opportunity to express publicly their feelings from the bottom of their hearts. We will continue providing our unconditional support.
The official ceremony to present the Congressional Gold Medal will be with; the Borinqueneers, their relatives, members of Congress, dignitaries and guests. To commemorate this occasion, there will be public and solemn activities for you or any interested citizen can participate. For the collaboration and management of these activities the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal was organized.  

In addition, on the Internet page, we will publish all the information related with the ceremony and other activities of the Borinqueneers. 

To be able to carry out all these activities, donations are requested to raise funds, since the government will not cover the expenses of the replicas of the Congressional Gold Medal which we want to get to present to all veterans survivors and also to the families of those who died in combat or by natural death.

Your support is very much appreciated and all Latinos can be very proud to be able to present the Congressional Gold Medal to the heroes of the 65th Infantry Regiment.

We have several way you can and should donate by visiting 

Allentown, PA and Kissimmee, FL

This Saturday, February 20th, join us at the 4th Annual Trophy Party and Military Appreciation Night to discuss the upcoming Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Unveiling Ceremony, in Washington, DC soon!

Next Saturday, February 27th, join us at the Museum of Military History of Kissimmee, Florida for the final meeting leading up to the National Unveiling Ceremony - Private Session - We reserve the right to admission -


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