Borinqueneer Advisory Group (BAG) 
Washington, DC -  The Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee (BCGM CNC), the o rganization to; collaborate, plan and execute the activities leading up to BCGM Unveiling Ceremony in Washington, DC and others following at State level, to include BCGM Medal Tour, announces the creation the Borinqueneers Advisory Group (BAG).  The BAG will be composed of living Borinqueneers such as: 
  • CSM Anibal Albertorio - Florida
  • SGM Cristobal Melendez-Claudio - Tennessee
  • SGM Jose E. Colón - Florida
  • SSG  Joe Pickard - Connecticut
  • SGT  Raul Reyes Castañeira - Florida
  • CPL  Pablo Burgos - Florida
  • PFC  Edwin Aviles - Florida
Note: More members will be added, qualifications are "Living Borinqueneers Only" and service documents and or photos must prove service with the 65th Infantry Regiment WW I, WW II, Korean War.  The BAG will examine these documents and render their recommendations.

Sam Rodriguez indicated that: "These duly appointed Borinqueneers will be provided an important and historical forum so they can have:

  • Direct representation in all Official Venues
  • Be pro-active in meetings and enhance the decision making of the BCGM Ceremony National Committee Executive Members
  • Participate in functions as Actors and Leaders in Receptions to honor other Borinqueneers unable to travel
  • Engage Living Borinqueneers into the Public Relations Opportunities
  • Help prevent the Exploitation, Manipulation and Misinformation of Borinqueneers
  • Perform as official speakers in educational events 
  • Recruit other Borinqueneers to establish a membership in the near future, and
  • Host teleconference meetings with other Borinqueneers to organize and centralize their efforts.
All in direct communication with the Executive Members in Washington DC, so they can convey their concerns, messages and opinions directly with the full support of the Committee...." 

Sam Rodriguez also commented: "This will help protect against anyone trying to circumvent any BCGM CNC initiative, mislead the public and the Boriqueneers stakeholders, and obstruct the mission of the BCGM CNC which is to: pay tribute, promote legacy and educate the public about the Borinqueneers.  The BAG will serve as an additional layer of advocacy, educational, inclusion, and transparency of the ceremony phase, and hopefully the national tour of the BCGM.  The Borinqueneers can and will talk for's their medal, their time, and they can best tell their stories; our mission is to advocate and honor them as best and respectful as possible."

The BCGM CNC asks that any Individual, Entity, Organization or Elected Officials communicate with us to be put in contact with BAG for the sanctioning of any event related to the Borinqueneers.  It is time for the Borinqueneers to speak for themselves, and make decisions that affect them directly. Information about the BAG and other member can be found at the About US page. If you wish to contact the BAG call (202) 246-9167 or email at: 


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