Hotel Industry Update
BCHA Groups and Conferences FAQ
We understand that there has been a lot of misinformation and confusion around acceptable meetings and events within your hotels. We have developed this guide in consultation with the Ministry of Health. Our team at the BCHA is leading the effort to help our industry recover and we will continue to update this document as things change. The government has been clear with us that they are hoping that small events, when done safely, will help in the overall recovery in the province. It is up to our industry to lead with solutions and build consumer confidence.

Best Practices
  • Communicate from the beginning of the event sales cycle. Develop a high-level event guide for your prospective clients and get progressively more detailed as you move the client through the process. Include information on what the client can expect during site inspections, in your contract and on BEO’s. Support everything with signage during the event.
  • Develop an internal guideline to events inside your building. Include your entire team in the plan and help them understand why it is so important to familiarize themselves with the protocols. Use the links to the Public Health Orders and the FAQ below. Help them understand the “why’s” and “why not’s” of the procedures.
  • The final communication piece is with the client. Build some extra time into your workflow to ensure the client is on the same page with hotel. We all have a greater responsibility to each other in this day and age and the client is no different.
Over Arching Event Principles
  • Focus all of your planning and communication around these principles:
  • 50 guests maximum. Employees and vendors are not included in this count.
  • Contact tracing procedures are mandatory.
  • Physical distancing at all times.
  • Masks should be worn when physical distancing is not possible
  • Use barriers or protective equipment wherever possible 
Property Tax Support
The BCHA is asking the provincial government to take immediate action to alleviate the sector’s tax burden, particularly as it pertains to property taxes. These measures would go a long way in ensuring the economic recovery of one of the hardest hit sectors in British Columbia. The BCHA would propose two options that could provide relief for the sector and are in line with recommendations brought forward by hotel associations across the country:

  • Provide forgiveness of 2020 property taxes for the hotel industry: This would provide immediate relief for the industry and allow the economic landscape to stabilize for the 2021 tax year. This forgiveness would be available to businesses who have seen a 30% drop in their revenues. Property tax assessments need to be based on 2020/2021 revenues moving forward.
  • Allow deferral of 2020 and 2021 property taxes to be repaid in installment payments through 2022/23: This option would collect 50% of 2020 property tax, and 100% of 2021 property taxes with repayment plan of full payment in installments through 2022/2023. This will ease the fiscal burden, while preventing the creation of large one-time payments for the tourism and hospitality industry at a time when no or low revenue is coming in. It is important that these are interest free deferrals. All properties with a 30% year over year revenue loss 2020 vs 2019 should be eligible. Property tax assessments need to be based on 2020/2021 revenues moving forward. 
HAC Updates
As many hoteliers might be aware, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy legislation was originally silent on whether CEWS could be used to cover wages in lieu of working notice.
It has come to our attention that this loophole has now been closed.
You can find a link to the language on the Government of Canada’s website here (Point 20-03.):
Please be advised and plan accordingly.
Toronto Launches Short-Term Rental Registration and Enforcement:
We are pleased to share some good news with you regarding Toronto’s short-term rental (STR) regulation, specifically related to enforcement. 
The City of Toronto has announced that beginning September 10, 2020, STR operators will need to register with the City in order to operate in Toronto. Once registered, STR operators will be required to include their city-issued registration number in all advertisements and listings. This will close the enforcement loop-hole that was previously missing due to the delays caused by the appeals.
We are delighted that the industry has been able to defend this STR ruling twice after STR operators (led by Airbnb) tried to appeal to the Local Planning and Appeal Tribunal and we are pleased now to see enforcement in place.
As you are well aware, the Hotel Association of Canada has been heavily involved in the development of these strict Short-Term Rental regulations, together with our partners at the Greater Toronto Hotel Association (GTHA) and Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association. Together, we were able to secure this important win that sets a precedent for other cities to follow.
We also wish to underscore the important contribution of Fairbnb in this process.
The timing to reign in commercial operators in Toronto could not come at a better time.
For more details regarding Toronto’s STR registration and licensing system, please visit here.
Thank you to those who joined us yesterday for our webinar on Conflict Resolution and Violence Prevention in collaboration with g02HR and ABLE. A recording of the webinar as well as the presentation is available below.
BCHA and TIABC will be hosting a webinar and open forum to outline the key issues and provide a reality check on the tourism and hospitality industry, our key messages, and ways we can coordinate and work together towards recovery.

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