Hotel Industry Update
The BCHA would like to highlight significant concern and clear non-support for Bill 23, Worker's Compensation Amendment Act and the governments's recommended changes, currently in second reading, for WCB changes.

Along with many other affected Tourism entities in B.C., the below letter was signed and sent to outline the opposition.
The government has set a new CEWS deadline of December 19, 2020, although it only provided details to November 21, 2020. Other proposed new changes to the wage subsidy on July 17, 2020, including new measures to expand the eligibility to employers who do not meet the previous 30% revenue threshold and to replace the subsidy with a new two-part subsidy consisting of a “base” and “top-up” amount. Under the new rules, the amount of the wage subsidy an eligible employer could qualify for would vary depending on their revenue decline, with a maximum combined subsidy of up to 85% of eligible remuneration.

The draft legislation also contains new changes that provide continuity rules for employers that have recently purchased assets of a business, provide an appeal process for the wage subsidy and extend the subsidy application deadline. The draft legislation further includes previously tabled measures to allow the government to temporarily extend or suspend certain federal statutory deadlines and time limits up to December 31, 2020.
Variance to Employment Standards Act
COVID-19 Temporary Layoffs

Navigating layoffs is always hard, especially in these uncertain times. Recent changes to temporary layoffs means employees and employers have more options for support. Together, employers and employees can apply to extend temporary layoffs due...

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Tourism Vancouver Get Ready for a ComeBack!
Some time away is a good time for reflection. As Vancouver took a collective breath to keep everyone safe, we also had pause to think about our place in the world, and what it means to truly live together. Now as we step out, cautious yet optimistic, we’re primed and ready to come back to our neighbourhoods and community -- bolder, brighter, and more beautiful than ever before.

All we have accomplished so far keeping ourselves, and each other, safe is paying off now and we deserve some good things. The things we can find in our local restaurants, hotels, attractions and businesses that have also been waiting patiently. Now, the wait is over.

Cue our #VancouverComeBack.

B.C. tightens restrictions on bars and restaurants as...

British Columbia health officials announced 34 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, in an unscheduled news conference called amid in a recent spike in cases. It's the fourth time in five days that 30 or more cases have been reported in 24 hours.

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93% of Vancouver hotel rooms were empty last weekend,...

Hotels in cities and rural areas are struggling, according to an industry leader, with occupancy rates around the province hovering somewhere between 20 and 30 per cent. BC Hotel Association president Ingrid Jarrett says the Okanagan and parts of ...

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Occupancy numbers at all vacation, rental and resort...

The B.C. government is set to unveil strict rules on Airbnb, cabin, and houseboat rentals. Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry says the province is in the process of putting together an order requiring those who rent properties, whether...

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Throughout COVID-19, there has been an increase in fraudulent certification programs. Members have reported receiving emails encouraging them to participate. Be cautious and research the validity of these organizations when approached. For further guidance, contact our team at BCHA before engaging - . BCHA is currently working with industry partners and our provincial and national counterparts regarding a certification program, and the pro’s and con’s of developing and managing one on behalf of industry. We will keep you apprised.