Hotel Industry Update
WSBC Workers Compensation Letter
It has been brought to the attention of the BC Hotel Association and Hotel Association of Vancouver that there is intention to add a “Presumption” in Schedule 1 of the Workers Compensation Act for COVID-19 , to add disease caused by communicable viral pathogens. We are absolutely in opposition to this intention, and have voiced our concern on many platforms with several groups including the Metro Vancouver Response and Recovery Task Force, the BC Business Council, the BC Business Round Table, and have written to the Minister directly. 
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Wednesday, June 24th from 10am-11am PST
As foodservice businesses continue to reopen their doors to patrons, Restaurants Canada is calling on all levels of government to ensure they have what they need to survive the road to recovery.

Most foodservice businesses across the country continue to operate at a loss, even as the economy is slowly restarting, according to a new survey from Restaurants Canada.

After months of significantly reduced revenue, or none at all, and now facing months of operating at reduced capacity, many restaurants need continued support to survive the road to recovery.
Your June Survey Results
Recently, we reached out with an industry pulse check survey to establish current advocacy priorities and business levels across the province. Over 220 members participated in this survey. Compiled below are some the results:

• Number of employees still laid off across BC: 55,452
Average expected occupancy up until Dec. 2020 less than 30% across the board
Most businesses indicated they have not recalled their entire team and are currently operating with minimal staffing levels and occupancy
Almost 40% indicated they could not recall their staff
Advocacy Priorities:

1. Extending the 75% wage subsidy

2. Property tax relief

3.Extending 16-week temporary layoff period

4.Securing liquidity

5.Working capital to reopen

6.Additional business loans
As part of our education pillar, BCHA continues to offer new courses and webinars from our education partners. Through our education series, BCHA members and hospitality professionals may access tools for continued growth within the hospitality industry at a significantly discounted price.

Royal Roads

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BC Event Management has partnered with the Harbour Convention Centre to host  “Reconnect 2020” .  The goal of Reconnect 2020   is to showcase a new way to connect. F rom meetings to events to tourism, we all need to connect.

Proceeds from the Reconnect 2020   hybrid event will go to the BC Hospitality Foundation to support our hospitality family. Thanks to our sponsors no management/admin fees, venue rentals costs or AV rental costs will be incurred. The fundraiser will be a model for safe and healthy events for the hospitality, tourism, meeting and event industry.  Read more about Reconnect 2020.

BCHF is  requesting any prizes or donation s  from anyone who is able to provide at this time. If you can donate auction items or make a cash donation, please register your donation  here .
BCHA Membership Food Buy Offer
FoodBuy one of our Associate Members is offering $250 off your BCHA membership if you join their programme. FoodBuy is free to join and provides preferred pricing AND a monthly rebate cheque. Contact Terry Duzenberry at for more information