The BCHA is delighted to introduce a new premier program partner to our membership—Rising Tide Consultants. We are proud to extend member pricing and new product offerings and will be spotlighting a number of key partners over the coming months.

Rising Tide Consultants help hotel operators maximize liquor licensing opportunities to improve their bottom line.

With extensive experience working with the hotel community, Rising Tide has worked on many licencing issues for hotels and resorts over the past 34 years.

The work the organization does for hotels and resorts typically includes:
  • New liquor licence applications for new hotels and resorts under construction;
  • Structural or changes in configuration to the existing licenced areas;
  • Changes of hours for licencing;
  • Entertainment endorsements for banquet rooms;
  • Licencing of areas not previously licenced;
  • Change of ownership share transfers and licensee representatives.

Prior to consulting in the liquor and hospitality industry, Rising Tide Consultant’s President and Founder, Bert Hick, served several years as the General Manager of the Liquor Control and Licencing Branch in Victoria. He also held the position of Executive Director of the Cabinet Secretariat for Premier Bill Bennett in the 80s. The organization shares our deep passion for the hospitality industry and the very significant contribution it makes to the province every day.

Over the many decades Rising Tide Consultants have been in this industry there have been many changes to liquor licencing, policies and regulations. The company often finds that hotels are not maximizing licencing opportunities or maintaining current compliance standards. 

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