Welcome 2021 BCHD Volunteer Advisory Council!
We’d like to extend a warm welcome and congratulations to our newly appointed 2021 BCHD Volunteer Advisory Council members. These folks will continue the process of helping us shape the volunteer experience and make it more relevant in context of current and future community needs.

If you are wondering what this council does, we can tell you that they have their fingers on the pulse of many activities that impact YOU, our wonderful volunteers. Last year, members helped:

  • Create a volunteer opinion survey.
  • Strategize and communicate around the 100 volunteer hours recognition effort
  • Provide input around Volunteer Appreciation Week efforts as well as the Volunteer Recognition Brunch
  • Give feedback about BCHD messaging and engagement during COVID-19
  • Assisted with elements of the Volunteer Wellness Challenge
For 2021, we expect that our new group will provide very helpful ideas and input for our efforts to better recruit, engage and recognize volunteers over the course of this next year.

2021 BCHD Volunteer Advisory Council
Susan Brilliant

I volunteer as an Event Ambassador and I love encouraging community members to be physically active. Outside of BCHD, I work at Kaiser Permanente in Pharmacy Operations, am a gerontology graduate student and enjoy ocean and masters swimming with my husband.
Active since: 2015
Current roles: Event Ambassador, Special Projects Volunteer
Morgan Bulen

As a member of the local business community, I’ve assisted at and sponsored BCHD events prior to joining the Volunteer Advisory Council. I am so grateful for the support of the community. It’s difficult right now, but the light shows we are all going to get through this and be HAPPY once again.
Active since: 2019
Current roles: Event Volunteer, Corporate Sponsor
KC Christensen

I am living the second and VERY BEST part of my life in fabulous Redondo Beach. Being able to craft my new life here is such a gift. I have devoted much of my life to volunteering and giving back to BCHD and other organizations that help make living in the South Bay happier and healthier.
Active since: 2016
Current roles: Event Ambassador, Community Services Front Desk Assistant
Paula Dobin

As a South Bay resident for over 20 years, I've always felt fortunate having BCHD services available to me and my family. I've been doing volunteer work for various causes most of my adult life and I'm excited to be a bigger part of the BCHD Community in this role.
Active since: 2020
Current roles: Meal Delivery, Support Line
Mary Drummer

I have served as a BCHD volunteer in several capacities over 15 years. Currently, I am assisting BCHD as a COVID-19 Care Navigator and have spent 180 hours calling individuals who have tested positive to provide information and support.
Active since: 2006
Current roles: Community Health Committee, COVID-19 Care Navigator
Dennis Heck
Dennis Heck has been a BCHD volunteer for seven years, mainly dedicated to serving older adults in the community. Dennis also volunteers at the Carson Animal Shelter with his wife Karen. They love their rescue pups and enjoy walking around Redondo Beach for three miles each day.
Active since: 2014
Current roles: Errand Volunteer, Conversation Companion
Jean Lucio

Since retiring in 2008, I have had the great pleasure to be immersed in the Beach Cities community. Through many volunteer roles managed by BCHD staff, I’ve had the opportunity to give back and make a difference to neighbors in need.
Active since: 2009
Current roles: Purpose Connector, Community Group Facilitator Adaptive Mobility, MoveWell, CHF Fitness Team
Fred Manna

I am a 14-year volunteer with BCHD as an errand volunteer. I am also on the Livability Committee and have served on the Community Health Committee and Volunteer Advisory Council. I am an 18-year resident of Manhattan Beach and am currently a commissioner on the Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Commission.

Active since: 2006
Current roles: Community Health Committee, Livability Committee, Errand Volunteer
Katelyn (Kat) Nguyen

I’m Kat and I am a junior currently at Redondo Union High School who also happens to be deeply involved with BCHD. Outside of BCHD, I am also involved with Model UN and Teen Court on campus. Lastly, I can’t wait to share ideas to create a better BCHD!
Active since: 2017
Current roles: Youth Advisory Council, Community Health Committee
Colleen Otash

I have been an active volunteer with BCHD and Blue Zones Project for more than nine years. I look forward to being a part of this vital community committee and to meeting many of our community needs. Here's to your health and happiness!
Active since: 2011
Current roles: Power 9 Committee, Moai Lead, Former BMI and Events
Marie Puterbaugh

I live in the South Bay, love Southern California and am grateful to be part of Beach Cities Health District.
Active since: 2010
Current roles: Community Health Committee
Join the March Virtual Volunteer Social!

“I’m really enjoying the BCHD Volunteer Social Hour on Zoom each month. Although I was not a Zoom fan, I’m getting used to it and really having fun and getting to better know the other volunteers!” -Kim Neglia, Conversation Companion
March Spring Social! Let’s welcome spring together!!!
Wednesday, March 24 from 1-2 p.m.
We will kick off our social with a show and tell so “bring” your favorite springtime item to share. We will then play a fun game of “2 Truths and a Lie” so come prepared with three statements about yourself- two which are true, and one which is a lie. We will take turns guessing each other’s lie.
At the end, we will do a drawing and anyone who attends is eligible to win a prize.
There is room for EVERYONE and NO RSVP is needed! Please see below for meeting info:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 973 0302 5385
Passcode: 576038
Save the Date for our April Social on April 21 from 1-2 p.m.
Beach Cities Health District continues to publish a regular newsletter, website updates and social media posts to inform the community of the latest guidance regarding COVID-19 health guidance, testing, closures and recovery. Be a health leader in the community by staying informed and staying safe.
Check this page on our site for other ways to help during COVID-19
While many BCHD volunteer roles continue to be on hold for safety reasons, some committees are meeting virtually and others are providing support to isolated and vulnerable residents running errands for essential supplies and delivering healthy meals. We also have volunteers making check-in calls to BCHD clients, which increases connection and reduces social isolation from a distance. There are volunteers operating computers and calling people who tested positive for COVID-19 at the Redondo Beach test site as well as volunteers and interns assisting with special projects.
Volunteer Hours

While volunteer support has changed with our continued adaptations due to COVID-19 in 2020 and the hours reported below don’t even fully capture the support people have given to the community, we are grateful for the 15,330 reported hours of BCHD volunteer service in 2020. Thank you! We know BCHD volunteers will continue doing remarkable things in 2021. So far in January, BCHD volunteers contributed 1,133 hours to our essential services for the community. Thank you!!

January: 1,133
2021 Total: 1,133
Volunteer Anniversaries

Although many of you aren’t actively volunteering in your usual roles right now, we are endlessly grateful for your commitment. The many collective years of efforts toward a healthy beach community from our volunteers is truly incredible.

Susan Page, 28
Penny Berry, 22
Sue Therrien, 13
Jean Lucio, 12
Patty Bevis, 10
Jennifer Pusateri, 9
Nancy Bhatt, 8
Johanna Dejoya-Bellomo, 8
Lisa Zucker, 8
Silvia Schwar, 7
Dan Smith, 5
Azalea Mejia, 3
Carol Smith, 3
Sue Murray, 2
Dienah Thompson, 2
John Brayton, 1
Evan Broudy, 1
Angelina Ip, 1
Jose Mancera, 1

* Official years of service in BCHD system.
Just for Fun Puzzle Time!
Enjoy some down time solving this super fun word search by finding all of the words hidden in the puzzle. The words may be placed diagonally, horizontally, vertically or backwards.
January Answer Key
Held in partnership with BeachLife Festival, B-Well offers health tools to increase happiness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign will feature celebrity appearances, social media videos, livestream performances and more.
 Livestream Show
Thursday, February 25 
6 -7 p.m.

Virtual Mental Health & Happiness Workshop on Gratitude
Saturday, February 27
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Virtual Happiness Chats
Support your well-being with casual discussions focused on connection and resilience. Attend one or all chats!
 Tuesday, March 9
12:30 - 1:30 p.m.