Samuel Kadavakollu, Ph.D., uses unique teaching methods to ensure
his students get the most out of his lessons. 
BCOM Professor Passionate About Helping Local Students Improve Test Scores
Growing up in rural India, Dr. Kadavakollu was raised to believe that money should never be a barrier to education. Today, he's sharing his knowledge with not just the BCOM medical students, but also other high school and college students hoping to improve scores on some of the most important exams they will take in their academic careers.
Students Submit BCOM's First Manuscript for Publication
These motivated first year students completed a research project on the use of off-label drugs in cancer treatment and they've submitted BCOM's very first manuscript for publication in a medical journal.
Medical School Applicants Get to Be a "DO for a Day"
A community outreach project organized by the BCOM members of the Student Osteopathic Medicine Association (SOMA) gives would be doctors insight into what their futures hold.

Mini Med School is a Hit with Local Elementary School Students
50+ elementary students showed up for BCOM's Mini Med School event where they learned about everything from CPR to nutrition and anatomy.

Local Artist Inspired by BCOM Students' Film Experience
After reading about the Ahmeds' experiences on a New Mexico film set, Las Cruces based artist Leslie Toombs found herself inspired to re-create their portrait with a medical twist.

BCOM Student Selected for NASA Internship
Mohan Muvvala says his first goal in life was to grow up and become an astronaut. While life ended up leading him down the path to medical school, he now has an opportunity to partially fulfill his childhood dream. Muvvala was selected out of 122 applicants from across the nation, beating out two other finalists from John Hopkins University and Stanford University, to spend the summer conducting research at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.

BCOM Beats
Meet Student John Rajala
Click HERE to find out what secret skill this innovative future physician has been hiding. Hint: He may just work for Disney one day.
BCOM In Pics
Check out our favorite photos from some of our recent events.

Bowl for the March of Dimes
BCOM's March of Dimes Bowling Tournament will be held April 28 SIGN UP no later than April 21.
SYNERGY Seminar Series
The BCOM/NMSU Synergy Seminar Series continues this month on April 21 with NMSU's Dr. C. Brad Shuster's presentation 
Looking Inside the Cell: Mechanisms Driving Cell Division and Shape Change .

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