Here’s to a healthy and productive 2021!
BCP knows we are not alone in eagerly anticipating an end to the COVID 19 crisis, a safe return to in-person school, and the resumption of face-to-face gatherings with family and friends.
This past year was full of profound loss and grief for many, economic upheaval for more, and a series of senseless, brutal murders of Black and Brown citizens. We have mourned, and we have been shaken, but we are now more determined than ever to provide the best education and support possible for our students and families.
The extended BCP family has much to be proud of. Our teachers, school leaders, and student support professionals have risen to the challenges of educating our students this past year in ways that continue to amaze us and leave us deeply grateful. Our schools have all increased our focus on diversity, equity, and proactive anti-racism so that we may nurture citizens who are aware of their own value as well as the values of others, and who understand the work we all need to do to make our communities live up to our ideals.
I want to thank our school communities for their relentless work on behalf of our students. I want to thank the BCP board of directors for their unwavering support and encouragement during this past, very difficult year. And, I want to thank the hundreds of families, neighbors, and friends of BCP who have donated generously in order to help our students and families get through these many months of hardship.
Happy New Year, everyone!
Laura Doherty
President and CEO