Jeremy Rowland, General Director
November, 2017
On August 1 BCPM began its 25th year and the Lord certainly has prospered the ministry to make an impact in church planting world-wide. BCPM has had the privilege of assisting in 166 church plants in nine different countries and these new churches are giving over 4,000,000 to world-wide missions every year! While most church plants last less than two years BCPM has seen 92% survive and many have reproduced more churches. Although we are rejoicing in what the Lord has done in the past we are also asking God to work through us to further our efforts and to accomplish more for His glory in the years ahead. With so much to do to advance church planting and with the financial demands ever increasing, we want you to celebrate this special 25th anniversary year with us by considering giving to a special 25th anniversary offering. This special offering will be used for the following three purposes.
1. Promote the desperate need for church planting - There is no question that our nation is becoming a secular, non-churched mission field. With the alarming death rate of existing churches, the infiltration of other nationalities, the encroachment of false religions, and the passiveness of the modern church, there is a tremendous need to promote church planting. The 25th offering will be used to host conferences, focus meetings, and produce materials to effectively promote the dire need to plant churches that will impact our nation for the cause of Christ.
2. Prepare for future church plants -  In order to see church planting effectively impact our nation and the world, there has to be more done to educate, equip, and encourage. Starting in 2018 BCPM will host annual church plant training sessions for those interested in planting churches. These 3-5 day in-depth training sessions will prepare church planters and their wives for the unique challenges they will face. The 25th offering will also be used to help fund internships so that future church planters can take part in the evangelism and Get Acquainted Meetings of a church plant and receive personal hands-on experience. Preparation is key to establishing healthy church plants.
3. Planting and encouraging church plants - Although BCPM invests an average of $4000 on each church plant, we have never charged for our services. We cover all of our travel, the printing and delivering of the John and Roman booklets, and the operational expenses so that the new churches do not have to. In addition to helping with the preliminary needs BCPM will also host regional retreats for church planters and their wives as they face the unique challenges especially in the early years. The 25th offering will continue to allow us to be a blessing, not a burden, to these baby churches.
As you can tell, we at BCPM want to help make a larger impact with church planting. We strongly believe that helping churches reproduce churches is the answer in reaching the world for Christ. Please consider collecting special offerings, making this a Sunday School goal, or even making this your Christmas offering project. You can Click here for 25th Anniversary Brochure to find ways of giving or you can go to A special 25th anniversary plaque will be given to those who give over $2500 as a thank you for your investment. If there was ever a time where we needed to plant strong, aggressive New Testament Bible-believing Baptist churches, it's now!, May the Lord continue to advance church planting as we help churches reproduce churches.  
Advancing in Christ,
Jeremy Rowland, General Director

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