Classroom interns now have access to the BCPS One Learning Management System (LMS). There are two types of access available:
  • Intern School: All classroom interns have access to an Intern School when they log into BCPS One and select Learning Management System (LMS). Similar to the S.T.A.T. school, the Intern School allows interns to access BCPS curriculum to plan for instruction, as well as use it as a "sandbox" to explore the other features of the Learning Management System. Instructions for interns to set up classes may be found on the Creating Classes in Sandbox Schools page of the BCPS One Manual.
  • Assigned BCPS School: Interns are also listed as non-teachers of record in their assigned schools. Supervising teachers may choose to share their classes with interns to give them View Only or Full Edit access. Full Edit allows interns to enter grades and add activities to the lessons tiles. Supervising teachers are responsible for all actions taken by the intern in the LMS. Instructions may be found on the Sharing Access page of the BCPS One Manual.

Archived students are students that have been withdrawn from your school or class or moved to another section. Students are automatically archived when this occurs, but their grades and information are still available to you. The student's grades will not automatically transfer to the new section, so you will need to access the archived student from the original class section to view and print student grades and information. To learn more, visit the Accessing Archived Students page in the BCPS One Manual.
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