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Cultivating Safety Professionalism
Lon Ferguson, EdD, CSP

More than 5,400 BCSP certification examinations were taken in 2013. This represents the greatest number of examinations delivered by the BCSP in a single year. This milestone is an indication of the growing recognition that  safety, health and environmental (SH&E) work  requires the unique knowledge and skills common to professional practice.

The advancement of safety professionalism does not happen in a vacuum. BCSP has a hardworking staff, active collaborative partners, and certificants who understand the connection between recognition of their achievements and the need for a vibrant, visible SH&E profession.

I am consistently impressed by the accomplishments of BCSP certificants and look forward to this year's BCSP Award of Excellence Ceremony, that will occur at ASSE Professional Development Conference in June. At that time I will also have the opportunity to meet with two outstanding SH&E students who will have been awarded the scholarships we provide through the ASSE Foundation. In recognition of the importance of education in uplifting future SH&E professionals, BCSP has raised our scholarship contributions from 1,000 dollars to 5,000 dollars each.

As we grow and develop our practice, the connections between organizations that hold safety as a value strengthen. BCSP has a strong foundation for collaboration in its Board of Directors, representing our sponsoring organizations. Safety Trained Supervisor� (STS) Sponsors reached a milestone themselves last year, being responsible for the certification of 5,000 current STSs. In the coming year, the BCSP will increase international outreach with a trip to Chennai, India for ASSE's Safety India conference and further collaboration with the International Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organisations (INSHPO). We appreciate the efforts of our partners, and look forward to another year of building connections.

As I enter the office of BCSP Board President, I have the greatest respect for the accomplishments of past Presidents, and anticipate positive new developments to arise by the efforts of my colleagues, the BCSP staff, and our certificants.


ScholarshipsBCSP Raises Scholarship Contributions, Honors Two with Scholarship Titles
David MacCollum, CSP and Jessica Bohan, CSP, OHST Recognized
The amount of financial assistance the two scholarships BCSP offers through the ASSE Foundation has been raised from 1,000 to 5,000 dollars each. These 2014 scholarships have been named after David MacCollum, CSP and Jessica Bohan, CSP, OHST.

This year's Professional scholarship is named after David MacCollum, CSP. MacCollum is the third safety professional to achieve the CSP, and has held it throughout his career. Don Eshelby presented him with a plaque commemorating the
L-R: David MacCollum, CSP; Don Eshelby
announcement with members of the South Arizona ASSE Chapter.

"David MacCollum has been a longtime advocate for safe working conditions and has written several books on various safety topics," said Eshelby. "It was my pleasure to be able to represent BCSP and present David with this recognition from the premier safety professional organization."

With great gratitude, MacCollum immediately attached the commemorative plaque to his awards wall.

This year's Technician, Technologist, and Supervisory scholarship is named after Jessica Bohan, CSP, OHST. Bohan served on the BCSP Board of Directors and was instrumental in the integration of the CCHEST certifications OHST, CHST, and STS into the BCSP family of certifications.
L-R: Steven C. Harris, ARM; Cece Weldon, CSP, CHST, STS; Jessica Bohan, MPH, CSP, OHST; Andy Tatum, ARM

"Jessica set the bar for what was expected of BCSP Board members," said Cece Weldon, CSP, CHST, STS, BCSP Board of Directors Vice President. "Jessica has a true passion and dedication to protecting people. That is why BCSP chose to honor her by naming our 2014 Scholarship the BCSP - Jessica J. Bohan, Technician, Technologist and Supervisory Scholarship."

"I am humbled and honored to be recognized by my peers," replied Bohan. "I have been fortunate throughout my career to have met people that believed in me, shared their knowledge, passion and creativity with me and encouraged me to constantly challenge myself. It's an incredible feeling to receive such an honor for doing what I believe in, and even more striking knowing that I have a chance to contribute to the future of the profession by way of the scholarship. Having the opportunity to have a positive impact on a deserving student is amazing."


Welcoming Women in Construction Strengthens Safety
Recent reports on the challenges women face in construction emphasize the importance of recognizing their work in the field and the need to better include their experience in construction safety practice.

Women make up about 9 percent of those employed in construction and, according to a recent report by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), their minority status leads to issues of personal isolation and lack of appropriately designed equipment. The first issue can deter hazard reporting, and the second is a known cause of injury.

Regina McMichael, CSP, CET
Regina McMichael, CSP, CET, recently lead a discussion on the results of the NYCOSH report and a variety of other research. "The situation (of women in construction) presents a unique challenge, and we have the tools to make the best of that challenge," McMichael said, speaking as a member of American Society of Safety Engineers' (ASSE) Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) interest group.

Reagan Branch, CSP, CIH is another safety professional dedicated to advancing opportunities for women in construction safety. "Construction is a male dominated world and I think many women are intimidated by the prospect of taking on an authoritative role in this industry," explains Branch. "Through outreach, mentorship and access to safety training, women get the necessary information, exposure and confidence to embark on a field where I think they are naturally suited."

Creating a welcoming atmosphere begins with information. McMichael recommends the resources shared by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), as well as WISE.

In addition to providing information, WISE embraces mentoring, and operates a mentoring program that prospective mentees can sign up to participate in on their website.  "Anyone can mentor women," McMichael emphasizes. "In some cases you want a mentor to be like you, but finding a mentor who is just like you is not always the best choice, since you are seeking to learn new things." In WISE, men who support women in the safety profession are fondly referred to as "WISE guys," and are always welcome.

Reagan Branch, CSP, CIH
Photo by Sophia Coaxum
Outreach is another important tool that can be used to include women in construction and safety practice. Branch leads presentations introducing women to construction safety, and she finds audiences receptive. Many who hear from her request additional information on training, internship opportunities, and necessary credentials. "Many feel the need to further their education or acquire certifications to be respected," she says.

BCSP is pleased certification has a positive role to play in this effort. Safety certification in the field does not automatically translate into greater respect, but Branch says it has been helpful when she has needed recognition of her expertise. "I think the differences I noticed after obtaining my CSP were from employers and others within upper management," she recalls. "Also, it validates my authority when dealing with 'know-it-all' types that insist on challenging my every decision or opinion."

About 8.6 percent of current Construction Health and Safety Technicians (CHST), BCSPs most construction-centered safety certification, are women. When compared with the 9 percent total for women employed in construction overall, this indicates a willingness of women to lead. "Women.... bring a unique perspective to these industries that can spur economic growth," says Branch.

Welcoming women in construction strengthens safety.

STSSponsorsSafety Trained Supervisor Sponsors Certify Over Five Thousand Persons
Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) Sponsors certified the safety skills of over 750 of their employees in 2013, raising the number of current STS certificants who benefited from company sponsorship to over 5,000 persons.

Organizations which refer five or more people to the STS are eligible to join the STS Sponsorship Program. STS Sponsors partner with BCSP in the promotion of sound SH&E practice. These sponsors encourage STS at the organizational level, but STS is an individually held certification that stays with the certificant as long as they are in good standing. STS sponsors are credited for their advocacy, and are recognized as Participating, Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond Sponsors based on the number of STS certificants they employ in a given year.

The growth of the program in 2013 was phenomenal. Two new sponsors, Idaho Power Company and PCL Construction Enterprises, made an amazing effort to reach the Ruby and Emerald classes of sponsorship in their first year of participation. Idaho Power Company referred 31 new STS certificants and PCL Construction Enterprises 55 new STS certificants.

The latest information on all STS Sponsors and the contributions they have made to strengthening supervisory safety practice can be found on the STS Sponsorship Program webpage.


BCSP Launches New, Comprehensive Salary Reporting Tool for Safety Practitioners
The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) has launched Safety Salary Source, a new salary reporting tool that allows users to view survey data on safety, health and environmental (SH&E) practitioners' salaries in new detail.

Those using Safety Salary Source can search for the salaries of safety professionals with or without BCSP certifications, view summary reports, or apply up to eight filters. After one filter is applied using the tool's main menu, the option to apply advanced filters is presented beneath the resulting report's title.

Safety Salary Source makes it possible for users to compare data which meets more specific needs. For example, it is possible to find the average salary of a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with a bachelor's degree working in California.

Conduct your search of Safety Salary Source at


Greatest Number of Certification Examinations Taken in Single Year

More than 5,400 SH&E practitioners tested their knowledge in pursuit of a BCSP certification in 2013, more than in any other year.  The majority of those who sat for examination were in pursuit of the CSP.


In the same year, over 4,700 applications were received. With over 1,500 of those applications being for the CSP, this indicates the intention of this year's applicants to take over 6,000 examinations.

BCSP is growing. You can review the trend toward safety certification in our Annual Report and eNewsletter Archive.


AoEReserve Your Seat for the 2014 BCSP Award of Excellence Ceremony
The annual Award of Excellence (AoE) ceremony recognizes top CHSTs, OHSTs and CSPs who best represent certificants' outstanding leadership, knowledgeable expertise, and commitment to the advancement of the SH&E industry. It culminates with the Lifetime Achievement Award, an honor bestowed by the Board of Directors.

The third annual AoE Ceremony will be held Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at the American Society of Safety Engineer's (ASSE's) Professional Development Conference, Safety 2014, in Orlando, Florida. Certificants honored in 2013 enjoyed the praise of over 800 of their colleagues at the ceremony. BCSP is proud of the work of its certificants and looks forward to this opportunity to once again join with their colleagues in a great show of appreciation.

Registration for Safety 2014 is now open, and you may reserve your seat for the Wednesday Luncheon. You may choose to continue to receive updates about the AoE ceremony by joining the 2014 Award of Excellence Ceremony Facebook event.

New CET Self-Assessment Examination Available
Longer CET Examination Near Release
As the new examination is developed for the Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer� (CET) certification, a new self-assessment has been developed for SH&E professionals who would like to know how they may fare on the examination.

On January 1, 2014, administration of the original Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer (CET) examination was suspended as a plan to beta-test the new CET examination began. Upon conclusion of the testing, anticipated in late May 2014, the examination will be available to all eligible candidates. The self-assessment is based on the material in the new CET examination.

BCSP offers self-assessment exams as a way for individuals to better evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as they prepare for the examination. Candidates preparing for BCSP's certification exams greatly improve their chances of passing by using the self-assessment tool. Each self-assessment exam is a hard copy publication.

The new self-assessment is available via the self-assessment brochure.


Formulas Now Embedded in BCSP Examinations

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) is now providing necessary formulas by embedding them within its examinations. This feature is currently in place for the ASP and CSP examinations and will soon apply to all certification examinations that require a formula to calculate the correct answer.

Formula reference sheets are no longer needed, so they will not be provided by BCSP. Candidates should, of course, still study formulas applicable to the Blueprint areas from a variety of references. Candidates will still need to know the correct use or modification of the formula as necessary to determine the correct answer.

Dr. Treasa Turnbeaugh, CEO, commented, "BCSP believes this enhancement of our examinations will assist the candidate in studying the Blueprint areas without focusing on content that may not be required for the current versions of the examinations." 


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» BCSP Launches Safety Salary Source
» Greatest Number of Certification Examinations Taken in Single Year
» Reserve Your Seat for the 2014 BCSP AoE Ceremony
» New CET Self-Assessment Examination Available
» Formulas to be Embedded in BCSP Examinations

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Rixio E. Medina, CSP, STS
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Patricia Cruse, CSP, CET

James A. Gentry, DBA, MBA

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