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Advancing Safety Professionalism in 2013 and Beyond
Rixio Medina, CSP, STS, CMIOSH

To have served as BCSP's Board President in 2013 fills me with great pride. BCSP volunteer, staff, and certificant commitment during my tenure has strengthened and advanced safety professionalism in many new ways. What we have been able to accomplish in the last year is nothing short of momentous.

BCSP released eSafetySource, a new tool that connects persons seeking advice on SH&E issues with our certificants. The resource is a Who's Who in SH&E practice unrivaled in its ability to provide users with useful, relevant connections. Just ten months after its launch, over 1,300 certificants have listed themselves in its searchable database.

The results of the 2012 salary survey were analyzed and released this year. The numbers continue to demonstrate the value of certification for those who achieve it, with certificants' average median annual salary no less than $20,000 greater than the median annual salary for their professional position. From a greater perspective, the survey indicates our work is building businesses' recognition of safety as a professional practice.

Part of advancing SH&E practice requires we meet industry needs. In 2013, both the CHST and STS examinations were updated. The CET was fully integrated into our family of certifications, and had over 800 persons begin the process of applying for this, our newest certification. The CSP underwent its five year audit with ANSI and met the rigorous standards of the internationally recognized accreditation body.

The diligent efforts BCSP performs to maintain our certifications as the "gold standard" of safety certification resulted in an endorsement from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), the organization stating that the records of companies employing certificants speak to our certifications' effectiveness. Our closest construction industry supporters have consistently won the AGC/Willis Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA), with STS Sponsors Clark Construction and Gilbane receiving first place awards in 2013.

BCSP has expanded the reach of our mission by participating in the International Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organisations (INSHPO), networking with international safety organizations to research and plan for the needs of the profession globally. International BCSP certificants stepped forward to assist as members of the BCSP International Advisory Committee as well, providing helpful avenues to be pursued in promotion of the safety profession around the world.

We made progress on the design criteria of a new credentialing management system this year. A great deal of work has gone into development to make sure the system meets the needs of our certificants.  We are working diligently to make this vision operational.

In 2013, BCSP dedicated its best talent, energy, and resources to examine and improve our vision, mission and values, core certification, administrative, financial, and marketing processes. I'd like to thank my fellow Board Members for providing leadership this year, and thanks to Carl Heinlein, CSP, OHST, STS; David B. West, CSP; and Edward J. Jones, CSP for their many years of dedication as they end their terms. While maintaining BCSP's high service performance standard to support certificants and the SH&E profession, dedicated staff and volunteer leaders focused on making BCSP the highest quality non-profit professional certification organization. I am excited about what we have accomplished, and welcome innovative ideas that new Board Members Patricia Cruse, CSP, CET; Cheri Marcham, PhD, CSP; Linda Martin, CSP, CET; and Chris Patton, CSP bring with them as they join the Board. As I become Past President, I welcome the leadership of 2014 BCSP Board President Lon Ferguson, EdD, CSP; Vice President Cece M. Weldon, CSP, STS; and Treasurer Jack H. Dobson, Jr., CSP, and look forward to achieving significant milestones in the coming year.

Thanks to all for their service in making the world a safer place through BCSP's professional certifications.


Certificants Growing the Safety Profession
Investing in People to Protect People, Property, and the Environment
BCSP certificants continue to build their commitment to safety after achieving certification. One way this is done is through professional development activities that build expertise. Safety being a team effort, this personal dedication often inspires others. In the course of becoming better safety professionals, many certificants also embrace mentoring.
Richard Pollock, CSP presents Heather Earl, CSP
with the Diversity in the EHS Profession Award

Heather Earl, CSP is one of BCSP's most active mentors. Earl is the Manager of Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts Safety Services. She is active in the American Society of Safety Engineers' (ASSE) Central Florida Chapter and Women in Safety Engineering (WISE). Earl was recognized for her contributions to the safety profession with ASSE's Diversity in the EHS Profession Award this year.

"I formally mentor with American Society of Safety Engineers' Women in Safety Engineering," Earl explains. "I also mentor through BCSP and I am contacted once or twice a month by folks pursuing the Certified Safety Professional certification." In her experience, mentoring's benefits are both immediate and long-term.

The immediate benefits of mentoring consist of the knowledge mentees gain from having a mentor. "Through WISE and BCSP, I am typically paired with folks who are seeking certification," Earl says. "I provide them feedback on my experience and give them advice throughout their process."

In the long-term, mentoring builds networks. "You create a professional associate and, sometimes, friend for life!" Earl exclaimed. "It is networking for the mentor as well as the mentee. In one case, I was invited to submit a proposal to speak at the Alaska Safety Conference." Her proposal was accepted and she was able to connect with many new professionals, benchmark with another company in her industry, and enjoy the splendor of Alaska, which included flying in a sea plane that landed on a lake on the far side of Mt McKinley.

Earl's experience emphasizes that mentoring benefits everyone. "My mentees have taught me so much," she says. "I learn about their experiences, their industries, their successes and opportunities. And it is most refreshing when I mentor younger professionals, because they have an unbounded energy and enthusiasm that we all need to maintain to keep sharp and to keep our 'safety spark' alight."

More than a thousand safety professionals have benefited from mentoring. If youth entering the safety profession keep our safety spark alight, it is the volunteer mentor who provides the fuel to propel the profession to ever greater heights.


BCSP Welcomes New Board Members, Officers
The following BCSP Board of Directors were elected as officers on the 2014 Board and will begin their terms in January: Lon Ferguson, EdD, CSP will be the 2014 Board President; Cece Weldon, CSP, CHST, ARM, STS as Vice President; and Jack Dobson, Jr., CSP as Treasurer.

Dr. Lon Ferguson, Board President, is Chairperson of the Safety Sciences Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining IUP, Dr. Ferguson was an assistant professor in the Occupational Safety and Hygiene Management Program at Millersville University and had twelve years' experience as a safety consultant for Liberty Mutual Insurance and the PA/OSHA Consultation Program. He is a Professional Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) where he serves on the Educational Standards Committee. In 2002, Dr. Ferguson was awarded the "William E. Terrants" Safety Educator of the Year Award" by ASSE. He achieved his CSP in 1986 and is also certified as a Certified Fire Protection Specialist.

Cece M. Weldon, Board Vice President, is the Director of Safety Program Management for URS Corporation. Weldon has experience in program development and implementation, conducting compliance assurance activities and performing incident investigations. She takes pride in "increasing people's safety awareness, allowing them to help protect themselves, their co-workers, family and friends." Weldon achieved the CHST in 2012, STS in 2008, and has held her CSP since 2005.

Jack Dobson Jr., Board Treasurer, is a Senior Technical Consultant for Liberty Mutual Insurance's United Parcel Service (UPS) Dedicated Loss Prevention Team. He conducts internal audits of company operations and provides guidance to all levels of management to ensure proactive involvement in the safety process. Dobson's career began in the U. S. Air Force, where he spent 20 years promoting safety. He is a professional member of ASSE, where he was the Director of Technical Services for several years and for which he served as President in 2005-2006. Dobson achieved the CSP in 1988.

Additionally, four new members join the Board in 2014: Patricia Cruse, CSP, CET, CIH; Cheri Marcham, PhD, CSP, CIH, CHMM; Linda Martin, CSP, CET, CIH, CHMM; Chris Patton, CSP.

Patricia Cruse is a CSP, CIH and recent CET, with over 30 years' experience in industrial hygiene, product stewardship, training, and occupational safety. Cruse is the Safety and Health Manager for Evergreen Packaging, and has worked in consulting, chemicals and the pulp and paper industries in both site and corporate level positions.

Cheri Marcham, PhD, CSP, CIH, CHMM joins the BCSP Board having served as a Board Member for the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) for three years. Marcham is the University Environmental Health and Safety Officer for the University of Oklahoma and has over 30 years SH&E experience. She was recognized as an AIHA Distinguished Fellow in 2012.

Linda Martin, CSP, CET, CIH, CHMM is the Corporate Safety and Compliance Director for Terratherm, Inc. Martin has 23 years of experience in environmental consulting and occupational safety. She is active in her field, leading OSHA Construction and General Industry outreach courses, as well as providing training courses in her area of expertise - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) and hazardous materials management.

Chris Patton, CSP is the Director of the Safety Services Division for UT-Battelle at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Patton has served on the American Society of Safety Engineers' (ASSE) Board of Directors for seven years, during which time he had served as the President and Chairman of the Board.

The 2014 Board of Directors include: Patricia Cruse, CSP, CET; Jack H. Dobson, Jr. (Treasurer), CSP; Lon Ferguson, EdD, CSP (President); James A. Gentry (Public Director); Bruce Guiliani, CSP, CET; John E. Hodges, CSP; Cheri Marcham, PhD, CSP; Linda Martin, CSP, CET; Rixio Medina, CSP, STS (Past President); Chris Patton, CSP; Cece M. Weldon, CSP, CHST, STS (Vice President); and Treasa M. Turnbeaugh, PhD, CSP, CET, (Board Secretary, Chief Executive Officer).

Best Practices for Easy Recertification
BCSP certificants must demonstrate commitment to professional development by Recertifying every five years. After your Recertification cycle ends on December 31 of the fifth full year you have held your certification, BCSP must receive your Recertification Worksheet by March 31 of the following year. This may seem like a long period of time, but it is recommended you maintain a Recertification file for yourself so you can be sure you will meet the requirements.

Each BCSP certification has specific Recertification requirements, all of which can now be found on the first page of the BCSP Recertification Guide. For the purpose of Recertification, BCSP divides professional development into ten categories and assigns points to specific professional development activities. Recertification points are then documented on the Recertification Worksheet.

You should keep material proving your participation in the activities you claim points for, as a percentage of Recertification Worksheets are audited. You should not send this material with your Recertification Worksheet, but keep it in the event that you are selected for audit.

All the information for completing your Recertification Worksheet can be found in the Recertification Guide, and a helpful Avoiding Common Mistakes on Recertification document is available to answer the most frequently asked questions that arise when the Recertification Worksheet is filled out.


CSP Passes ANSI Audit, Important Updates Made to Process of Achieving the CSP
GSP Program, ASP Waivers Updated to Conform with Rigorous Accreditation Standards
The CSP certification passed a scheduled audit by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in July. ANSI, the world's leading accreditation body, is the primary source for internationally recognized standards in government, business, and professional practice. In retaining ANSI accreditation, BCSP reviewed the CSP's  certification process and made several changes.

Conditions allowing an individual to waive the ASP designation have been reviewed to determine their true equivalency to achieving the ASP. There remain four methods of waiving the ASP at the present:  Holding the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) certification, being a Chartered Member of IOSH (CMIOSH), holding the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) certification, or being a Professional Member of the Singapore Institute of Safety Officers (SISO).

BCSP also reviewed the GSP program's Qualifying Academic Programs (QAPs). The QAPs which were found to be equivalent to the knowledge required of an ASP are now listed on the GSP webpage.

These changes will affect applications moving forward, ensuring the CSP remains the internationally accredited gold standard in professional safety certification.


CET Examination Revised
Effective January 1, 2014 administration of the current Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer (CET) examination will be suspended. As the examination has been significantly revised, a beta test will then be conducted on the new CET examination. Upon conclusion of the testing, anticipated in late May 2014, the examination will be available to all eligible candidates.   

Current CETs and those whose examinations are completed before January 1, 2014, will not be affected.

The testing of the new examination will assure the CET certification's continuing quality. 

BCSP Updates Mission and Vision
Core Values Outlined
The BCSP Mission and Vision were updated by the Board of Directors at their November 2013 meeting. A statement of Core Values was also adopted, outlining how we meet our goals.

BCSP sets and certifies technical competency criteria for safety, health and environmental practitioners worldwide; enhancing careers, advancing the profession, protecting the public.

Creating a safer world through safety, health and environmental certification.

Core Values:
Maintaining esteem and honor for colleagues, customers, and the profession
Devoted to outstanding quality and continuous improvement
Committed to communication and professionalism
Guided by ethics and integrity; fulfilling our fiduciary and social responsibilities


2014 Current Changes Index Now Available


The 2014 Current Changes Index is now available.


You may view the latest policy changes, procedure updates and other modifications at any time on the Current Changes Index webpage


Happy Holidays
BCSP staff is working with our local United Way once again, donating to charities and providing a family with holiday cheer. At the end of the year, not only will each of us be enjoying time with our loved ones, but several children will be standing for justice with their favorite super heroes, practicing empathy with new dolls, and engaging in numerous other acts of make-believe that bring joy to their parents.

Similarly, our year would not have been the same without the gifts each of our certificants shared with us.

Thank you, to all the certificants who visited our booth at the conferences we attended. Your wisdom and support are the highlight of our travels.

We thank our mentors, whose activities are undoubtedly appreciated by all the new certificants who relied on their assistance in achieving their own certification this year.

Everyone who used our informational materials to share knowledge of BCSP certifications, whether at a table or through lively presentation, has our gratitude as well. It would be impossible for us to reach the safety professionals we do without your efforts.

We appreciate everyone who stepped up to submit new examination items and our Item Writing Teams. Your willingness to share your knowledge, assisting BCSP in building stronger examinations, is welcome.

Deserving of recognition are the CETs who joined us in revalidating that certification's examination. Your efforts on behalf of your certification are a large part of its growing value.

All our certificants who have assisted us by sharing opinions, through the advisory committees that met this year, in email, phone, or conversation, are dear to us. We can only advance the safety profession by being of the profession.

We accomplished many things in 2013. Happy Holidays, and best wishes to everyone in the New Year.
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» Advancing Safety Professionalism, in 2013 and Beyond
» Certificants Growing the Safety Profession
» BCSP Welcomes New Board Members, Officers
» Best Practices for Easy Recertification
» CSP Passes ANSI Audit, Important Updates Made to Process of Achieving the CSP
» CET Examination Revised
» BCSP Updates Mission and Vision
» 2014 Current Changes Index Now Available
» Happy Holidays

Board of Directors

Rixio E. Medina, CSP, STS

Lon H. Ferguson, Ed.D., CSP
(Vice President)

David B. West, CSP, P.E.

Treasa M. Turnbeaugh, Ph.D., CSP, CET
(Secretary and CEO)

Carl W. Heinlein, CSP, OHST, STS
(Past President)

Jack H. Dobson, Jr., CSP

James A. Gentry

Bruce Guiliani, CSP, CET

John E. Hodges, CSP, OHST

Edward J. Jones, CSP

Cece M. Weldon, CSP, CHST, STS

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