Issue 8, February 2020
Meeting Safety's Challenges Together
Treasa M. Turnbeaugh, PhD, MBA, CSP, ASP, CIT, CAE, IOM, FASSP
BCSP’s vision of a safer world through safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) leadership is an invitation to all stakeholders to join us in transforming that vision into reality.

Working together, we share the tools we need to build strong safety cultures. Safety culture, beginning with certified and professional safety leadership, promotes competency across an organization.

BCSP has a rich history of accomplishments in determining, highlighting, and advocating for competency in SH&E practice. By utilizing the diverse set of BCSP certifications, an organization ensures it has the comprehensive safety culture required to protect its workers and sustain productivity, both of which demonstrate the credibility necessary to gain a competitive advantage in its field.

Now, with the development of BCSP examCORE, we add to our tools a new means to achieve safety leadership. With this pre-exam training, individuals and organizations that hold safety as a value have an additional opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills.

BCSP is your source for sustainable safety leadership.

Several other new opportunities have resulted from input by our common stakeholders, including new recognition benefiting those who aspire to hold or sponsor the Safety Trained Supervisor ® (STS ® ) and Safety Trained Supervisor Construction ® (STSC ® ) certifications, as well as a policy that streamlines the application process for those with non-U.S. degrees.

Discover these opportunities and more in this latest issue of the BCSP Partners eNewsletter.
BCSP Endorsing Organizations
BCSP's endorsing organizations help ensure that the governance of BCSP includes broad representation from across the safety profession by recommending Board members. These organizations do not provide funding or support to BCSP or its operations. They do provide their members with a variety of services important to safety professionals.

Banner displays are a great way to promote BCSP credentials and earn recertification credit. A display is available to any certificant for use at chapter meetings, regional or local conferences, etc. BCSP ships to and from any U.S. venue and provides literature at no cost.

If you would like to borrow a display, fill out a  Display and Literature Request Form . Your request will be received by Jennifer Cedarstaff, BCSP's Marketing Specialist.
20-Year Safety Professional on Value of BCSP Certification
Jeff Treffinger, MPH, CSP, SMS, STS knows the value of professional safety certification.

Being in the safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) industry for over 20 years has afforded him the opportunity to witness how much professional certification, particularly BCSP certification, can impact not only an individual worker but an entire corporation.

“BCSP certification, especially the CSP, has been integral to my career development,” said Treffinger. “I earned the certification 15 years ago, and it has enabled me to take on positions in the industry with greater responsibility.”

Treffinger earned his bachelor’s in soil and water science from the University of Florida and a Master of Public Health with specialization in occupational health and safety management from Tulane University. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety & Quality at Amentum.

“I majored in soil and water science on account of my interest in environmental sciences,” said Treffinger. “Once I entered the workforce, my responsibilities continually expanded to include safety and occupational health, which is now my primary focus.” 
BCSP takes pride in exhibiting at conferences around the world in an effort to spread the importance of safety certification.

Click below to find a list of all the conferences BCSP is exhibiting at in 2020, as well as our booth numbers, dates, and conference locations.
Education, Training, Apprenticeship Now Serve as Pathways to STS and STSC Certifications
BCSP has expanded the eligibility requirements for the Safety Trained Supervisor ® (STS ® ) and Safety Trained Supervisor Construction ® (STSC ® ) certifications.
The STS and STSC requirements now include education, training, and apprenticeships as alternatives to the certifications' experience requirements.

Under the new criteria, applicants may now apply for the STS or STSC with an associate degree in occupational safety, risk management, or construction management. Completion of a two-year trade or union training program or apprenticeship is also recognized.
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BCSP Improves Application Process for Non-U.S. Degree Holders
Beginning on February 3, 2020, non-U.S. degree holders who wish to apply for the Associate Safety Professional ® (ASP ® ) and Certified Safety Professional ® (CSP ® ) certifications may now upload their academic records directly to BCSP during the application process.

Previously, non-U.S. degree holders were required to submit academic records to a third-party degree evaluator from the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) to determine U.S. equivalency. Now, academic records will be submitted directly to BCSP, where they will continue to be evaluated under the same rigorous standards for U.S. equivalency.
The BCSP Career Center connects job seekers with prospective employers in the safety, health, and environmental industry. Results are a click away!

Posting open positions for companies looking to hire individuals who hold BCSP credentials is also free. This site is your direct route to qualified individuals!
Kuwait Oil Company Encourages Certification Amongst SH&E Professionals
On October 22, 2019, the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) organized a technical seminar popularly known as "Tuesday Talk" to promote the importance and value of professional SH&E certifications amongst its employees. 

Sanjay Jaiswal, CSP, SMS, CIT and Bala Siva Srikanth Adivi CSP, CFIOSH spoke on behalf of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) during the seminar, delivering a presentation on “HSE Excellence Through Competency Enhancement: An Insight Into BCSP Certifications.” 
Bala Siva Srikanth Adivi delivering presentation
Presentations on safety certification can be done for recertification credit! BCSP has many resources available for certificants to use during presentations, including pre-made PowerPoints, role delineation studies and technical reports, and videos.

These resources can be found on our Presentations and Outreach webpage .
Reduced Price STS and STSC Exams Planned
The Safety Trained Supervisor ® (STS ® ) and Safety Trained Supervisor Construction ® (STSC ® ) exams will be sold at a reduced price late this summer as part of each certifications' beta exam offer.

The first 150 of each exam will be sold at a $60 discount in or around September 2020. Candidates whose application has been accepted for the STS or STSC will be able to purchase the beta exam for the certification for which their application has been accepted when that beta exam becomes available.

Sign up to receive further information on this offer, including notice of when the beta exams become available, at the link below.
Study From the Source!
BCSP offers pre-exam trainings through BCSP examCORE. Training includes ASP, CSP, and ASP + CSP Connect.

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Complimentary BCSP Career Center Is Here to Stay
Last year as part of BCSP's 50th anniversary, SH&E employers and BCSP certificants were given complimentary access to the BCSP Career Center as a thank you for being dedicated and helping to advance the safety profession.

We are happy to announce that this will be a permanent change. We saw such an increase in job and resume postings that we wanted to ensure employers could continue to find highly qualified, BCSP-certified candidates at no cost and ensure job seekers would continue to have access to a greater pool of job postings.

We thank you for your continued support of safety as a profession. You can visit the Career Center by clicking the button below. For more information regarding what is included with your complimentary access, please click here .