Third Quarter 2014

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Welcome to this Special Edition of the Third Quarter 2014 BCSP eNewsletter.

No matter which certification or designation you hold with BCSP, or if you are in the process of attaining one, we've included news and information that will help you in your professional safety career.

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Innovation Realized
Treasa Turnbeaugh, PhD, CSP, CET 


The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) is proud to announce the launch of our new Certification Management System (CMS) and new website.

The CMS, that you are now able to access, and which is the focus of this special edition of the BCSP eNewsletter, is an incredible step forward for BCSP. The project continues, with further features due to roll out in the next few months, yet it is this launch that represents one of our greatest achievements in recent years.

In the next month, BCSP credential holders can look forward to receiving an email with their login information, providing them unprecedented access to their BCSP profile. They will be able to update their profile information, check the status of their certifications, make payments, and many other options, to include online management of Recertification activities.

Those who aim to achieve BCSP certification are able to apply, see the status of their application, and purchase examinations online. The process of becoming a BCSP certificant is quite intuitive with the CMS.

With this launch, the changes mentioned in our last eNewsletter are now in effect. The Associate Safety Professional (ASP) is now a certification, as is the Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (STSC). Information on all current requirements can be found on our new website.

The new website is designed to improve navigation of certification information and will work better on mobile devices. It is the perfect complement to our CMS's launch. When you receive your BCSP CMS temporary login information email, please visit our website and click on the "My Profile" button to update your information with us and access all the features that are part of your certification.

Staff worked with great dedication to build these new systems. I knew it could be done, and everyone who participated in the development of the new CMS and website proved it through their tireless contributions. BCSP truly appreciates the hard work and guidance of our staff and the Board, as well as the input and support of all of our credential holders.


CMSIntroducing BCSP's New Certification Management System
The BCSP Certification Management System (CMS) has launched, which allows you the opportunity to create a profile that connects you to your BCSP credentials.

If you are a BCSP applicant, examination candidate, certificant or designation holder, you may have already received an email with a temporary login name and password, if not, you will receive one shortly. Please use this information to login, so that you can be connected to the information we already have recorded for you.

If you have not yet applied with us, you may now do so online.

To login to the new CMS, visit the BCSP website and click on the My Profile button in the upper right corner. This will open a new window or tab where you may login.

During your first visit, we recommend that you click on the Manage Profile option on the CMS's main menu, which appears immediately after you login. The information in the Manage Profile section is the current data BCSP has for you. You can update this information at any time, editing current, adding new, and deleting old materials. This is how we make sure you receive important notices from us regarding your credential.

Depending on where you are in achieving or maintaining certification you will be presented with a different set of buttons on the main menu, reflecting your current options.

Look for your login information via a separate email and take a few minutes to check out the CMS.


Getting Started on the BCSP CMSTutorial
Before you login to the CMS you may want to get an idea of how the new system works. BCSP has recorded a few, short video tutorials that provide viewers some guidance in navigating the CMS's features. The first one, shown below, will walk you through the initial process.

BCSP CMS Tutorial | Creating and Managing Your Profile
BCSP CMS Tutorial | Creating and Managing Your Profile
Changes Scheduled for the Fourth Quarter Now In EffectChanges

With the launch of the new BCSP CMS, the changes you were notified about earlier this year have been completed.


The Associate Safety Professional (ASP) is now a certification, as is the Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (STSC). The STSC reflects the construction knowledge of those who hold it as a certification. The ASP's becoming a certification provides safety professionals a new option in certification, and allows greater time for those aiming to achieve the Certified Safety Professional (CSP).


BCSP's current certifications have also undergone changes. Applicants may no longer substitute education for experience when applying for the Occupational Health and Safety Technologist (OHST) or Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST). The OHST's experience requirement has been reduced from five to three years.


In addition to these modifications to BCSP certifications, a few of the processes involved in obtaining certification have changed. When an applicant is approved, that applicant has one year to sit for and pass the examination for the certification they aim to achieve. The examination authorization for an exam no longer expires after 120 days, it is now good for one examination sitting scheduled on any date within the one year timeframe the applicant is eligible.


All these changes are documented in the Current Changes Index.


BCSP has accounted for all statuses of our current applicants and candidates and will provide support during this transitory phase. 


BCSP Launches New WebsiteWebsite

The BCSP website has undergone a redesign, the new look went live this October.


The site is mobile-friendly, using responsive design to give it a unique appearance on smartphones or tablets. With the new menus, it is even easier to navigate the site while on the go.


The basic map of the website is similar to what was before. You can find important publications and forms on the certification webpages, for example, though they are now organized in a menu system on the left-hand side, for desktop and laptop users, or bottom, for mobile users.


You can find the latest news from BCSP on the homepage, with the most recent updates all displayed. With the combination of the news and blog, sharing updates can be done with the click of a button.


Check out these features on the new BCSP website.



Your Input Is Important

The new features offered on the website and CMS have been made with our credential holders and safety professionals in mind. We plan to continue making improvements and adding further options, and welcome your feedback.

We would like to constantly improve our website design to serve you better. Let us know your thoughts with the Website User Experience survey.

The new CMS will be rolling out additional features soon, and you can let us know what you think about it and our updates by using the New CMS Comments form.

We appreciate any and all accounts of your experience, and look forward to including your thoughts in our continued improvement. 


In This Issue
» Innovation Realized
» Introducing BCSP's New Certification Management System
» Getting Started on the BCSP CMS
» Changes Scheduled for the Fourth Quarter Now In Effect
» BCSP Launches New Website
» Your Input Is Important

Board of Directors

Lon H. Ferguson, Ed.D., CSP

Cece M. Weldon, CSP, CHST, STS
(Vice President)

Jack H. Dobson, Jr., CSP

Treasa M. Turnbeaugh, Ph.D., CSP, CET
(Secretary and CEO)

Rixio E. Medina, CSP, STS
(Past President)

Patricia Cruse, CSP, CET

James A. Gentry, DBA, MBA

Bruce Guiliani, CSP, CET

John E. Hodges, CSP, OHST

Cheri Marcham, Ph.D., CSP

Linda Martin, CSP, OHST, CHST, STS, CET

Chris Patton, CSP

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Current Changes Index
Over the course of the year, a range of policy changes, procedure updates and other modifications occur. We want to make everyone aware of these changes on a regular basis, as well as keep an archive of the announcements.

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Mentor Program
The BCSP Mentor Program recognizes CSPs, OHSTs, and CHSTs who assist the career development of other safety practitioners.

Credential holders who are interested in mentoring an applicant, should visit the BCSP Mentoring webpage.

Those currently mentoring are honored in the Mentoring Honor Roll.

BCSP's Toolkit for Advancing the Safety Profession
Banner displays are a great way to promote BCSP certifications and earn Recertification credit. A display is available to any certificate holder for use at chapter meetings, regional or local conferences, career fairs, and other safety-related seminars, meetings, and presentations. BCSP ships to and from any U.S. venue and provides literature at no cost.

If you would like to reserve a display, fill out a Banner Display Request. Displays are first come, first serve, and must be returned.

Presentations on safety certification can also be done for Recertification points, and BCSP has many resources that can be used for presentations, including pre-made PowerPoints, on our Articles and Presentations webpage.

Item writing illustrates your safety knowledge, earning you Recertification points as well. Find out more on our Item Writing webpage.

Unauthorized Use of Our Credentials
BCSP pursues cases of individuals claiming to hold our credentials without permission. We pursue those cases in which there is clear evidence of the unauthorized use and the individual has a clear responsibility, control, or knowledge of the use. Evidence may be a business card, resume, letter, website, or other publication. If there is no clear evidence, BCSP cannot act on the case.

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