Third Quarter 2019 e Newsletter
Message from the President of the Board
The advancement of the safety profession is built accomplishment by accomplishment, and the Board of Certified Safety Professionals counts many as milestones in our development. These milestones double as cornerstones in our project to create and maintain safe workplaces, each contributing to our ability to provide organizations a path to stronger safety culture.

Certification, in establishing a baseline competency for practitioners, brings synergy to industry needs and professional advancement. Through job task analyses, item writing workshops, and other panels with safety subject matter experts, BCSP maintains the most comprehensive set of ANSI-accredited safety certifications available. When a safety practitioner seeks recognition or a company looks for a safety professional, they look for BCSP certifications.

New developments in safety make certification holders’ recertification all the more relevant as well. Making it possible for certificants to log their accomplishments online represented an important milestone for BCSP in this regard. For me, the new ability to earn points through KSA Quest (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) topic assessments firmly establishes continued learning as a cornerstone of BCSP.

As demand for those with safety knowledge and skills grows, so must the profession. BCSP has long contributed to scholarships to ensure that those for whom a career in safety begins with education are able to dedicate themselves. The BCSP Foundation’s initiatives, scholarships, and grants invest in the future of safety.

Promoting safety practice, advancing that practice through certification, and ensuring we as practitioners perform at the best of our abilities are cornerstones of BCSP.

Among these, BCSP now adds training with examCORE. Currently in beta form, examCORE will make BCSP a source for all services necessary to transform stakeholders’ passion for the protection of people, property, and environment to the accomplishment of that highest goal.

The future of BCSP and the safety profession is built on a strong foundation, and the future is bright.

BCSP Board of Directors
Vice President
Mario A. Varela, CSP, ASP
V. Raymond Ferrara, CFP
Past President
C. Christopher Patton, CSP, SMS, ASP
Secretary, CEO
Treasa M. Turnbeaugh, PhD, MBA, CSP, ASP, CIT, CAE, IOM
Joaquin M. Diaz, CSP, OHST, CHST
Jay R. Harf, CSP
Bruce K. Lyon, CSP
Daniel T. Lyons, CSP
Regina McMichael, CSP, CIT
Michael H. Overholt, CSP, OHST, CIT
Leslie R. Stockel, CSP, SMS
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BCSP examCORE Pre-Exam Training's Beta Form Released
The Board of Certified Safety Professionals’ (BCSP) Associate Safety Professional (ASP) examCORE pre-exam training has been released in a beta format and is being offered by BCSP in partnership with the National Safety Council (NSC) and Columbia Southern University (CSU). All three leading SH&E organizations have independent partnerships to advance the safety profession.

The ASP examCORE training’s beta is being released to collect user feedback on the program for a limited time only. It will be available for purchase from now through the end of the year, during which time the program’s six-month access period is available for only $799, a $200 price reduction.
BCSP Foundation
BCSP made a commitment to advance the field and support professionals dedicated to building safer communities in which they live, serve, and work. Today, the BCSP Foundation acts as an extension of BCSP in developing programs with measurable impact in the area of SH&E. This is your opportunity to make an impact, become a part of the community, make a gift to the BCSP Foundation . Together, we are people saving people! 
CSP and ASP Beta Exams Available at Reduced Price,
CET Certification Now CIT
Candidates for the CSP or ASP may be able to sit for exam at reduced cost. The CSP10 Beta Exam is currently available to purchase for $200, reduced from its regular price of $350, though time and space is limited. An ASP10 Beta Exam will be offered at the same price reduction on October 16, 2019.

In other certification news, the Certified Environmental, Safety, and Health Trainer (CET) certification became the Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT) certification on October 1, 2019.

Click the Continue Reading button below for additional information about the CSP and ASP Beta Exams as well as all up-to-date information about the CIT.
Share Your Digital Badge!
Digital badges prominently display achievement of a BCSP certification or designation and are available for use across social media platforms, email, and websites.

Login to your My Profile page and select "My Badge(s)" from the menu to access your digital badge!
Creating a Comprehensive Safety Culture Through Certification
In the peer-reviewed “Leadership’s Effect on Safety Culture” published in Professional Safety’s November 2018 issue, Lundell and Marcham find safety culture and leadership linked as critical components of organizational health. The authors go on to underscore the advantages of a certified and professional safety perspective in business and operational planning. 

Where does this certified and professional safety perspective come from? 

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals began as a professional development project formed by an executive committee of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE—now ASSP) in 1963. This beginning would shape the future of safety as a profession, beginning with the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification, which was first offered in 1970. Over the next 49 years, BCSP would go on to introduce seven additional certifications and two designations.  
Promoting the Value of Certification
BCSP takes pride in exhibiting at conferences around the world in an effort to spread the importance of safety certification.

Click here to find a list of all the conferences BCSP is exhibiting at in 2019 as well as our booth numbers, dates, and locations of the conferences.
Visit Our Military & Veterans Benefits Webpage
At BCSP, we pride ourselves on supporting U.S. military members and assisting veterans and servicemembers in transitioning to civilian life via obtaining professional certification.

To highlight the different ways in which BCSP supports servicemembers, we created a page on to highlight benefits available to military servicemembers and veterans. On this page you will find information on benefits that BCSP offers to current and future military certificants including application fee waivers, information about the TSP designation and QEP programs, extension and leave of absence links, and locations of PearsonVUE testing centers on military bases.

Also included are links to DoD COOL programs, VA benefits, career field options, testimonials from current certificants who have used these benefits, and more! Click the button below to get started on your path to professional safety certification!
Share Events With Us
Have an upcoming job fair, conference, or chapter meeting that you would like to share with readers? Would you like to invite a BCSP representative to attend an event? We would like to hear about it!

Submit information on upcoming events using our new  Event Request Form .
BCSP Focuses on Youth Safety, Education
Students and young people play an integral role in shaping the future of the safety profession.

Addressing these young learners regarding the importance of workplace safety and the benefits of a career in safety was the driving force behind creating the Youth Safety Toolkit a kit that includes a booklet full of pertinent SH&E information, a flyer, and a poster.

Among the information contained in the kit:
  • Earning potential of a career in safety
  • Examples of the industries needing safety professionals
  • Testimonials from current safety professionals
  • Safety career paths
  • Information about BCSP's Academic Database, and more!
Certificants may also receive recertification points for presenting to students about the importance of professional certification and careers in safety. Refer to the Recertification Guide for more information.

You can access a digital version of the booklet,   The Safety Profession: Do You Have What It Takes?  using the button below !
BCSP's Toolkit for Advancing the Safety Profession
Banner displays are a great way to promote BCSP certifications and earn recertification credit. A display is available to any certificant for use at chapter meetings, regional or local conferences, career fairs, and other safety-related seminars, meetings, and presentations. If you would like to reserve a display, fill out a  Banner Display Request .

Presentations on safety certification can also be done for recertification points. For more information, visit our  Presentations and Outreach webpage .
A New Way to Recertify!
Demonstrate your knowledge, and earn recertification points and ribbons with BCSP's KSA Quest (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)!

Comprised of 25-question topic assessments based on subject areas geared for professional development, BCSP certificants may earn up to 6.75 recertification points by passing KSA Quest topics.

There are a total of 27 topic assessments and a score of 80% or higher must be achieved in order to earn recertification points. For every nine assessments passed, you will earn an increasing level of ribbon recognition, starting with the Scholar ribbon, progressing to the Master ribbon, and finishing with the Grand Master ribbon.

Login to your My Profile account at for more information and access to KSA Quest!
Unauthorized Use of Our Credentials
BCSP pursues cases of individuals claiming to hold our credentials without permission. We pursue those cases in which there is clear evidence of the unauthorized use and the individual has a clear responsibility, control, or knowledge of the use. Evidence may be a business card, resume, letter, website, or other publication. Report Unauthorized Use | Find Unauthorized Use on the Certificant Directory
BCSP and PCC Seek to Add Professional Certification to Internal Revenue Code of 1986
On September 4, BCSP’s Tiera Robinson, Senior Specialist, Strategic Advancement, held meetings on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to lobby in favor of expanding proposed Bill S.379 to include professional certifications.

As currently written, S.379 is an amendment to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and would allow beneficiaries to use funds in 529 plans for expenses associated with post-secondary credentials including professional certificates or certifications. 

The Internal Revenue Code of 1986 – specifically 529 plans – is a program that allows people to establish tax-free savings accounts for certain educational expenses either through an education savings plan or a prepaid tuition plan . As currently constructed, these tax-free earning accounts can only be used for college or other post-secondary public, private, or religious schools. Bill S.379 would open this plan to include post-secondary credentials or licenses and treat them as qualified higher education expenses. 
Current Changes Index
Over the course of the year, a range of policy changes, procedure updates, and other modifications occur. We want to make everyone aware of these changes on a regular basis, as well as keep an archive of the announcements. 

Visit the  Current Changes Index  page on our website to find the most up-to-date policy and procedure information.
CSP Becomes First KSA Grand Master
Samantha Lushtak, MS, CSP, CIT became one of the first BCSP certificants to complete all 27 modules in the KSA Quest program, making her a KSA Grand Master.

An environmental, health, and safety professional with over 10 years’ experience, Lushtak earned her Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT) certifications in 2017. As part of her recertification obligations, Lushtak earned 6.75 recertification points by completing the KSA Quest program and becoming a KSA Grand Master.

“I did not anticipate the amount of information I would remember from years past as I was going through each module,” said Lushtak. “The KSA Quests, once you are past the ‘scholar’ level, really force you to review more of your knowledge.” 
BCSP Career Center
The  BCSP Career Center  connects job seekers with prospective employers in the safety, health, and environmental industry. Results are a click away!

Posting open positions for companies looking to hire individuals who hold our credentials is also free. This site is your direct route to qualified individuals!
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