British Craft Trade Fair
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Dear Buyer,

Welcome to our September Newsletter,

This year's lovely summer days are drawing to a close and turning into glorious autumn ones, let's hope that the rest of September and all of October stays the same. Even though we are still enjoying warm weather we have, to also think towards Christmas which is not that long away!!

BCTF although held in the spring showcases many makers with winter collections giving you the buyer plenty of time to order for the Christmas rush. Our online catalogue includes all our makers with many producing the perfect Christmas gifts, with over 180 already featured there are plenty to choose from.

To access this great resource, click on the link below and enter the password Welcome.

We are happy to announce that we have a new website, some of you may have already visited it, we hope you like it and find it easy to navigate.

As always please see our 4 featured artists below.

Kind regards


Ann Charlish Studio 
As a maker, Ann draws her inspiration from patterns found within the natural environment.

She explores these images through drawings, mark-making techniques and monoprint processes, which are then developed to create her designs.

She applies these designs to the surface of Harris Tweed fabrics using hand silkscreen printing. She chooses to work with Harris Tweed as each stage of the wool's manufacture adds to the vibrancy and richness of the material, which in turn permits a high-quality print.

Colour is a vital aspect of Ann's work and she embraces eclectic combinations of hues through her choice of fabrics, inks and finishes.

Having created and sewn all her life it has been a natural progression to develop these fabric pieces into practical products that can be used and cherished every day.

To see more of Ann Charlish's work, visit her on stand P16 at BCTF 2019, or visit her BCTF Online page.

Connie Taylor Ceramics
Connie works from a small workshop in her garden in Oakham, Rutland.

She started pottery only a few years ago, but it was love at 'first throw', and she has since developed the craft and successfully exhibited twice in the local gallery.

Practical, yet interesting and unusual pieces are what she strives for, and her collections include vases, bowls, mugs, soap dishes and tea light holders. Most of her work is fired high to stoneware (1230 - 1260°C), not only to make it durable, but also to achieve the stunning effects glazes and oxides produce at those temperatures.

This is Connie's first year at BCTF, and she is looking forward to exhibiting most of her pieces from the current collections as well as some new products, which she develops all the time.

To see more of Connie's work, visit her on stand P29 at BCTF 2019, or visit her BCTF Online page.

Emily Rowley Makes Things
Living in South Yorkshire, part of her week is spent teaching adults with learning difficulties, the rest of the time she is making the figures that make her feel cheerful.

As a fan of both clay and life drawing, a lot of her work will involve naked or partially dressed people, erring on the side of the less than perfect body form. She likes to let the clay dictate that.

Her work means something different to everyone.

We can only imagine how the characters get themselves into such scenarios ... the viewers' imagination will be stimulated to tell the story behind the work.

A feeling of nostalgia and comfort accompanies her figures, which she emphasises and informs, with the patterns of fabrics and wallpapers from years gone by.

To see more of Emily Rowley's work, visit her on stand 164 at BCTF 2019, or visit her BCTF Online page.

Mackay & Pearson
Mackay and Pearson design and make stylish modern and unique British jewellery which is handmade in their own workshop and is available in sterling silver, gold or platinum, with some items being stone set and presented in ranges or one-off pieces.

Mackay & Pearson's designs are always bold but simple and very wearable.

The feel of their jewellery is as important to them as the look and they have a history of their designs becoming modern classics.

The item pictured on this page are from their 'Keshi' pearl range.

They are excited to be launching at least one new range at BCTF 2018

To see more of Mackay and Pearson's work, visit them on stand 178 at BCTF 2019, or visit their BCTF Online page.