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July 10, 2021
Dear Neighbors
We have a chance for more showers and thunderstorms through Friday. If you live downslope or have poor drainage near your residence, sandbagging is a good idea just in case. Also please do not dump yard trimmings in the ditches. That action could flood others.

Thank you to the Yavapai County Area Roads Crew for the new sand supply. Sand & sandbags have been delivered to both the Rimrock site north of the Rimrock Post Office on Beaver Creek Rd (accessed via the post office road and continuing into the BC Baptist Church parking lot) and to the newer location in Lake Montezuma.

There will no longer be sand in the Sycamore Park parking lot. The new location is a Yavapai County lot on Seneca Ln. From Montezuma Ave turn onto Seneca Ln. The county lot will be on your right. There are sawhorses in place at both entrances. These may be moved in order to get sand and bags. Please return the sawhorses back to their positions after filling your sandbags.

The turn onto Seneca Ln is adjacent to a tan painted building with several garage doors. A historical note is that the building was constructed by Lake Montezuma residents as the first fire station for our area. Later the Montezuma Rimrock Fire District loaned it to Yavapai County and Camp Verde via an IGA to establish the first Beaver Creek Library in the former fire house.

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