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Join Dr. Olasky, Dr. Ware, and Tim Bryant

2022 BE AT PEACE Conference

April 2, Saturday at 9am to 3:30pm - Online and Onsite

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At this conference we are honored to welcome Dr. Marvin Olasky and Dr. Charles Ware as they join Tim Bryant to open the Word of God and teach you a personal peace that empowers relational peace - a unity when possible, courage when necessary, objectivity when confused & compromise in non-essentials.


Finding Personal Peace - Dr. Marvin Olasky

Your only comfort in life and death is that I belong heart & soul to my Sovereign Savior.

Pursuing Relational Peace - Tim Bryant, Director 

Because you belong to Christ, stop reacting angrily and seek to understand and respond more fully to three types of discords in all conflicts: 1) factual differences; 2) functional differences (gifts/backgrounds), and 3) foundational differences.

Testimony: Personal Peace Empowers Amazing Outcomes 

Finding Objectivity & Courageous - Lunch with Dr. Marvin Olasky

Don't fear being wrong in some of your preconceived perspectives on an issue when in conflict. Desires distort and cause blind spots. Consider and listen humbly & draw conclusions fairly when with those whom you differ - God's Truth will prevail and Christ will judge in Truth.

Remain Kind but Wise - Dr. Charles Ware

Don't let fear cast out your love - God is Sovereign. It is ultimately all His problem to solve. You just need to play your part. Let Christ's peace rule you and be kind to all people and wise in each opportunity to speak, help or give.


1) Strategies for Peace in Anxiety - LCBCC Counselors Panel

2) Effective Conflict Counseling for Couples - Pastor Dustin McNally, Pastor of Biblical Counseling

3) Winsome Conviction: Disagreeing without Dividing When Possible - TL Berry, Upstate Biblical Counseling Center Director

We will open the SCRIPTURES

and minister PEACE to you and your relationships.

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Dr. Marvin Olasky

Dr. Marvin Olasky is the former editor-in-chief of WORLD Magazine, former dean of the World Journalism Institute, a professor at the University of Texas and provost. He has authored hundreds of articles and 28 books, including Reforming Journalism, The Tragedy of American Compassion, Reforming Journalism and Turning Point: A Christian Worldview Declaration series of books. Marvin was an advisor to the president of the United States developing ‚ÄúCompassionate Conservatism‚ÄĚ and a leading thinker among Christians seeking to help a culture in crisis.

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Dr. Charles Ware

Dr. Charles Ware is president of Crossroads Bible College, founder of Grace Relations Ministries, and is a regular, soul-stirring speaker in churches, seminaries, and conferences across the USA and abroad. Crossroads trains biblical counselors and church leaders that positively impact the growing racial and ethnic divisions in our world through Gospel-saturated ministries. Dr. Ware has written several books, including One Race, One Blood.

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Tim Bryant MABC

Tim Bryant is the Executive Director of the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center in Charleston, South Carolin. Before LCBCC, he served as a pastor in the Chicago area. He leads a team of over 20 counselors that turns no counselee away for lack of funding. The ministry trains and mentors hundreds of people to counsel with the Word of God, utilizing a unique online school approach that focuses on personalization and interaction. Compassion for others and focus on Christ's word has transformed many throughout the years of LCBCC ministry.

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