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Challah Midrash Corner
Ellen Feldman created the challah midrash for Parshah Miketz and made a seven to signify the seven years of plenty and famine that was Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams.
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Monday, December 6
Chanukah: Day 8
At your Leisure....
The Mitzvah Appeal Campaign Features
Two Exciting Events with Ronnie Rice of New Colony Six (NC6)
Musical Legend Ronnie Rice returns to Beth Emet to share songs from his heart and stories from the road- not to be missed. Ronnie joined New Colony Six, a popular American soft rock band, in 1966, and his band scored two big hits, "I Will Always Think About You" and "Things I'd Like to Say," and the group placed ten singles on the Hot 100 between 1966-1971.
Tuesday, December 7
11:30 am
Daily Meditation
Click here to join the meditation room from Institute for Jewish Spirituality.
Wednesday, December 8
Something for Everyone!
11:30 am
Daily Meditation
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6:00 pm
Social Action Committee Meeting- Ways to Get Involved
Whether a first timer or a seasoned regular, hear updates and learn how you can become involved with supporting Afghan refugees, providing food, shelter and other provisions for homeless and/or hungry individuals (we have several paths from which to choose), addressing Climate Change and so much more.

6:30 pm
Inclusion Committee Meeting
Join as we examine our current practices and explore ways to create a culture of belonging and inclusivity for Beth Emet members of all abilities. We know that all individuals can contribute to our community.
If interested, please email Terri Michaels or call (847-691-8167) or email Marci Dickman
6:30 pm
Soul Stitchers - Virtual Knitting Circle
Know how to knit and/or crochet? As a tribute to Nikki Zarefsky z"l, come for an hour (on Zoom) as we create shawls to warm people during services and/or healing shawls that will bring warmth to those in need in a hospital, home or other settings. Please send us an email with any questions.
Zoom Link- Ph: 312-626-6799- Meeting ID: 861 3332 6288 | Passcode: 1224

7:30 pm
Not So Current Politics with David Zarefsky
Current policy and political decisions often reflect or are influenced by events from earlier historical periods. This ongoing lecture-discussion class investigates these earlier moments and how they relate to the present. The December session will explore America's most famouse political debates- revisiting Lincoln and Douglas. Prior familiarity with the historical periods is not required.
No fee for members; non-member fee $10
Zoom Link- Ph: 312-626-6799 - Meeting ID: 895 5560 8235 | Passcode: 1224
Thursday, December 9
11:30 am
Daily Meditation
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7:30 pm
Special, Intimate Evening with Ronnie Rice On Zoom
Suggested Minimum Pledge: $360
Get to know this larger-than-life personality, and you’ll even learn a secret or two! Your pledge includes admission to all of this year’s Mitzvah Appeal events. For those who have already pledged – thank you!  
Friday, December 10
9:30 am
A Close Look at Torah with Rabbi Andrea London
There are many ways to interpret Torah and its nuances of meaning that are often overlooked. Join Rabbi London as we continue our learning from last year. New learners are always welcome.
No fee for members, non-member fee $100 Register for the program here.
Zoom Link - Ph: 312-626-6799 - Meeting ID: 880 3271 0378 | Passcode: 785827

11:30 am
Daily Meditation
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6:30 pm
Kabbalat Shabbat Service- Both Online and In Person
Welcome Shabbat whether in the Sanctuary or Online! Pre-register if you have not yet subitted vax information and signed the Brit (Covenant of responsibility) by completing the online form.
For Audio only, call 847-869-4230 and press 7
Saturday, December 11
9:30 am
Kahal Shabbat Morning Service
Whether in person or online participate in worship by signing up for an honor via the online honor form. Pre-register if you have not yet submitted vax information and signed the Brit (Covenant of Responsibility) by completing the online form.
Ph: 312-626-6799 - Meeting ID: 813 2237 5514 | Passcode: 1224
10:30 am
Eden Hofeld's Kabbalat Mitzvah
Mazal Tov to Eden, Eden's parents Alison Toback and Al Hofeld, and the whole family!
7:30 pm
A Concert Not To Be Missed
Fun, Rockin’ and Raising with Ronnie Rice, of the New Colony Six
Special Appearance by Cantor Cotler
Suggested Minimum Pledge: $36 per person if joining in person or per livestream link.
Ronnie has been playing guitar and rocking since his teenage years, when he walked the halls of Beth Emet. Our local boy will be returning to the Sanctuary (fortunately our acoustics have been improved since Ronnie studied at Beth Emet!) to share his music and stories with us.
This program will take place in person as well as livestreamed. To participate in person, you must be vaccinated and adhere to the current safety protocols.
Sunday, December 12
9:00 am
Weekday Minyan
Zoom Link -Ph: 312-626-6799 - Meeting ID: 883 0113 9619 / Passcode: 075031

10:00 am
Office Hours with Karen Isaacson
Monday, December 13
11:30 am
Daily Meditation
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Tuesday, December 14
11:30 am
Daily Meditation
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7:00 pm
Educational Reparations for Evanston
In part 3 of our educational events on Reparations, we have the privilege of hearing from Professor kihana miraya ross. Northwestern Professor kihana miraya ross has received a Spencer grant to study having educational reparations to repair historic educational injustice in Evanston. “‘In recognizing the debt owed to its Black residents and pledging actual dollars towards repairing centuries of educational inequities, Evanston is in unchartered waters. The world will be watching as the first city in the U.S. to approve reparations embarks on an unparalleled move toward educational justice for its Black residents,’” said ross, describing the moment as an unprecedented research opportunity. The project will inform ross’s second book and may be the subject of a feature-length documentary”. Northwestern Now (9/1/21). Ross is an Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Northwestern with a Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Studies of Education. We are looking forward to this community event.
Events or links may change on occasion - check out the calendar on the homepage of bethemet.org for the most up to date information!
- Coming Soon-
Wednesday, December 15 at 7:30 pm
Q and A with an Israeli Diplomat
This program will begin with a briefing by Israeli Consul Daniel Aschheim to give us clarity about positions of the Israeli government. Most of the session will be devoted to an opportunity for us to ask questions and express our concerns to the Israeli government.

Thursday, December 16 at 6:15 pm
Conversations to Nourish the Soul
Explore your spirituality or connection to the mystery or the divine in the world. We will use the prayerbook, poetry, and ourselves as our texts, aiming to deepen our connections and discern meaningful paths in our daily lives. Our tools will include mindfulness practices, journaling, questioning, and conversation. Doubting God’s existence? Come explore.

Friday, December 17 at 9:30 am
A Close Look at Torah with Rabbi Andrea London
No fee for members, non-member fee $100

Sunday, December 19 from 11am - 12:00 pm
Winter Fun Fest for Young Families
Come create a gift for our animal friends and a gift for your family. 
BE Connected is an opportunity for groups with similar interests to come together as well as opportunities for conversation around various topics. What better way to engage with the Beth Emet community, try something new, and connect when we have a bit more time on our hands? Given our new reality, this initiative will start virtually, but we hope that this will continue once life returns to normal. 
Each week you will receive a dedicated email with a listing of opportunities for the next two weeks. If you do not have access to a web camera for a video call, we will include phone numbers as well. And if you have an idea as we expand the reach of BE Connected, contact Marti Netler.
We look forward to seeing you very soon.
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