Missed Friday's D'var Torah?
Rewatch (or catch up on) the D'var Torah by Rabbi London, from Friday, February 25.
Challah Midrash Corner
This week’s Torah portion, Vayakhel, takes place when the mishkan or tabernacle was being completed, and we are told “and it came to pass that the tabernacle was ‘one’”.  Each individual in the community did part of the construction – dying fabric, constructing the golden hooks, hanging the curtains, etc. But afterwards, they saw how each of their contributions to the tabernacle combined to fit together – and they realized how each of them depended on the other to successfully complete the plan: “and it came to pass that the tabernacle was ‘one’”.

The beautiful wall outside the Crown Room was inspired by these detailed instructions in Vayakhel, using the colors of the mishkan: gold, silver, copper, blue, purple, crimson, and so on.

Karen Isaacson's challah midrash for Parshat Vayakhel is a tent, decorated with the colors of the mishkan.
Beth Emet Challah Midrash 5781- Get Your Own Coffee Table Book!
Karen Isaacson, with the help of Marilyn Price, has put together a book about Beth Emet's Challah Midrash from 5781, with 20 pages of photos and reflections. If you would like your own copy, please donate at least $43 to Beth Emet: the gematria (the practice of assigning a numerical value to letters and words ) for challah ח ל ה 
[ח is 8, plus ל is 30, plus ה is 5]. Email Bekki to order your copy! 
- This Week's Events -
Monday, February 28

At Your Leisure...

Honor the Final Day of Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAIM) by Taking a Look At Those We Have Highlighted This Month.
In recognition of Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAIM), we are honored to hear the voices of individuals who have a disability or have a connection to this community.
Emily Dana- JDAIM Week One

Shelly Christensen, one of the creators of JDAIM writes about the difference between inclusion and belonging. As a community, both here and in the broader world, we must not just say that we aim...

Read more
Jackie Berman- JDAIM Week Two

My interest in working with individuals with challenges and disabilities first emerged as a parent, with my youngest son, born prematurely. Together, we were in early intervention, then...

Read more
Annie Michaels- JDAIM Week Three

In recognition of Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAIM), we are honored to hear the voices of individuals who have a disability or have a connection to this ...

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Fay Lipschultz- JDAIM Week Four

I have been a member of Beth Emet’s Inclusion committee since its inception. I initially got involved because of my role at Beth Emet as the High Holiday special needs coordinator, working to ensure that all members would have...

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Karl Malchut- JDAIM Week Four

What does it mean to be a caregiver when it comes to disability awareness and inclusion? Well for me, it means leaning into Kavod (honor and respect) by showing each individual they are born with God-given dignity, no matter what...

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Missed Yesterday's Program?

We are so thankful to the Inclusion Committee for bringing author Riva Lehrer to speak with us yesterday on Zoom. Riva Lehrer, author of Golem Girl: A Memoir, led us in a meaningful discussion about her experiences navigating the world, including society's fear of strange bodies, and building connections through writing and portrait art.
Tuesday, March 1
11:30 am
Daily Meditation
Click here to join the meditation room from Institute for Jewish Spirituality.
7:30 pm
Soul Stitchers- Virtual Knitting Circle
Know how to knit and/or crochet? As a tribute to Nikki Zarefsky z”l, join us for an hour (on zoom) of knitting and connecting as we create shawls to warm people during services and/or healing shawls that will bring warmth to those in need in a hospital, home or other settings. Newcomers are welcome and encouraged to join! Please send us an email with any questions.
Zoom Link - Ph: 312-626-6799 - Meeting ID: 868 2649 2061 | Passcode: 1224

At Your Leisure...
Did You Know We Have a Meditation Every Friday Night?
Whether you appreciated it so much on Friday that you'd like to try it again, or you weren't able to make it and want to start out the week with a moment of meditation - check out this past Friday's meditation by Rabbi London
Wednesday, March 2
9:30 am
Jamberry in Person for Families with Young Children!
Join us for joyful, collaborative music making with Nicole Jaworski and Jamberry Music! In this class, you and your little one will bond with each other and make new friends while we sing, dance, play, pretend and experiment with instruments. Class is geared to kids 6 months to 2.5 years old and siblings are welcome to join! Please join us for 6 weeks in person. The fee per family is $90.00.
11:30 am
Daily Meditation
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7:00 pm
Shoulder to Shoulder
Beth Emet is partnering with several other organizations to put on a virtual 5-week immigration justice advocacy training for high schoolers and young adults.

Each session will feature guest speakers who are experts in the field and will answer student questions and teach skills. Students who attend 3 out of 5 sessions receive a certificate of completion.
This program is free. Last Minute RSVPs Welcome!

7:00 pm
Social Action Committee Meeting
Guest Speaker: Lily Aaron
Lily Aaron, Beth Emet member and a youth climate activist and coordinator of Evanston Township High School’s Sunrise chapter, will be the guest speaker at the Social Action Committee meeting. Lily will be talking about her experience attending COP26, an international climate change conference, last November in Glasgow.
Thursday, March 3
10:00 am
Qigong with Netiva Caftori
There are so many moving parts in our day-to-day lives. Our very own Netiva Caftori invites us to experience the healing practice of Qigong with her. Qigong is a millennia-old system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for health and spirituality. Beginners are encouraged to try out this session.

11:30 am
Daily Meditation
Click here to join the meditation room from Institute for Jewish Spirituality.
7:00 pm
Shomer Shelter: Removing Barriers to Housing
Religious Action Center- Illinois (RAC-IL) 2022 Legislative Campaign
Be part of the Beth Emet Delegation at this important event!
For the current legislative session, RAC-IL will work with the Illinois Coalition for Fair Housing to end source-of-income discrimination in housing. Currently, landlords are able to turn away potential renters simply because they use housing vouchers, Social Security, alimony, child support, or other public benefits. The bill we are working to pass is HB2775. RAC-IL sees turning away rental applicants because of their source of income as a discriminatory practice.
Friday, March 4

*Cancelled* A Close Look at Torah with Rabbi Andrea London
A Close Look at Torah will not be meeting this week. See you next week!
*Cancelled* Scouts, Trailblazers, Explorers: A History of Women Rabbis with Rabbi Memis-Foler
This Class will no longer be meeting at this time. Please use the extra time to prepare for tonight's Refugee Shabbat.

11:30 am
Daily Meditation
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6:30 pm
Refugee Kabbalat Shabbat Service with March Birthday Blessings
In-Person and Virtual (fusion worship)

There will be a presentation, on behalf of the Beth Emet volunteer committee, about their experiences supporting and working with an Afghan Refugee family here in Chicago. The family arrived in January and is living in Skokie. They are a family of six, two parents and four kids age 7, 5, 3, and 18 months. It has been a profound and powerful experience - and one we look forward to talking about! In addition, our Director of Youth Engagement and four teens who have participated in Shoulder to Shoulder, an online training program for future immigration justice advocates, will be weaving words of introduction to some prayers throughout our Shabbat service.

Welcome Shabbat whether in the Sanctuary or online! Pre-register if you have not yet submitted vax information, booster information (which is required now), and signed the Brit (Covenant of Responsibility) by completing the online form.

A reminder that if you choose to join us in person (and we hope you do!) please remember the following:
  • Anyone 5 years old and older that is fully vaccinated can attend Kabbalat Shabbat services.
  • “Fully vaccinated” for 12 years old and older is now defined as two doses of Moderna or Pfizer, plus a booster (or one does of J&J plus a booster) if eligible.
  • We now require those ages 5-11 to be fully vaccinated before coming into the building. At this moment, fully vaccinated for children ages 5-11 requires two doses of Moderna or Pfizer.
  • Your vaccination information must be in our database. This includes our requirement that all who are eligible must update their information with the date of their booster shot. To do so, please use our member portal, MyBethEmet. Click on Individual Member Information for each member of your household (if eligible), and you can add your information on the right column. If you are unable to access the member portal, click on this link for an alternative solution.

To listen to the service dial 847-869-4230 and press 7
Saturday, March 5
9:30 am
Kahal Shabbat Morning Service
Whether in person or online participate in worship by signing up for an honor via the online honor form. Pre-register if you have not yet submitted vax information and signed the Brit (Covenant of Responsibility) by completing the online form.
Zoom Link- Ph: 312-626-6799 - Meeting ID: 813 2237 5514 | Passcode: 1224
Sunday, March 6

9:00 am
Weekday Minyan
Zoom Link - Ph: 312-626-6799 - Meeting ID: 834 4048 4441 | Passcode:1224

9:30 am
Gan Yom Rishon is Back In-Person!
Sunday Morning Fun for you and your 3-5-year-old! Singing, crafts, stories, yoga, and friends--and we'll celebrate Purim together too! This is the first of four classes plus Purim fun!

10:00 am
Office Hours with Karen Isaacson
1:30 pm
Insider View of Security Threats to Israel
This program will address the current security threats to Israel and is brought to us by Yosi Kuperwasser, Brigadier General, IDF Reserves, the Director of the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center. Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for questions and answers. The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center near Tel Aviv focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinian terrorist organizations, terrorist threats from hostile states such as Iran and Syria, Hezbollah, global jihad organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, campaigns to de-legitimize Israel, and antisemitic threats to Israel and the Jewish people.
Zoom Link - Ph: 312-626-6799 - Meeting ID: 862 3543 7318 | Passcode: 1224
Monday, March 7

11:30 am
Daily Meditation
Click here to join the meditation room from Institute for Jewish Spirituality.
Tuesday, March 8

11:30 am
Daily Meditation
Click here to join the meditation room from Institute for Jewish Spirituality.
Events or links may change on occasion - check out the calendar on the homepage of bethemet.org for the most up to date information!
- Coming Soon-
Wednesday, March 9 at 7:30 pm
Current Politics with Professor David Zarefsky
A continuing lecture-discussion class on contemporary public issues of interest to Jews as citizens. Special attention will be given to the State of the Union message and the conflict in Ukraine.
No fee for members

David Zarefsky is the Owen L. Coon Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at Northwestern University, specializing in argumentation and the analysis and criticism of American political discourse. He is a former president of the National Communication Association, the Rhetoric Society of America, and the Central States Communication Association. In 2012 he received the Lifetime Teaching Excellence Award from the National Communication Association. David is a past president of Beth Emet.

Thursday, March 10 at 7:00 pm
The Social Justice Torah Commentary: A Panel Discussion & Book Signing
with panelists Rabbi Barry Block, editor; and Chicago contributors Rabbi Shoshanah Conover, Rabbi Seth Limmer, and Rabbi Andrea London
What does the Torah have to say about social justice? This new Commentary presents a diverse array of contributing authors who delve deeply into each week’s parashah, drawing lessons to inspire tikkun olam. Chapters address key contemporary issues such as racism, climate change, mass incarceration, immigration, disability, women’s rights, voting rights, and many more. The result is an indispensable resource for weekly Torah study and for anyone committed to repairing the world. Our own Rabbi London authored the chapter on Parashah Va-et’chanan, “You Shall Not Murder: Gun Violence Prevention."
Saturday, March 12-Sunday March 13
The Purim Carnival is Back!
Come one come all to BESSY's annual Purim carnival! Planned and run by BESSY, Beth Emet's own high school youth group, this event has something for everyone. To ensure physical distancing, we have three times to attend the carnival.

Wristbands are $12 per child, which includes unlimited games (and awesome prizes). Adults are free! All proceeds from the carnival benefit BESSY. All who attend must be vaccinated and masked at all times.
Grades 4, 5, 6- Saturday, March 12 from 7:00-8:00 pm
We will have a parent program during this time as well!

Grades 2 and 3- Sunday, March 13 from 9:30-10:30 am
Parents attend the carnival with their children. Beit Sefer will start at 10:30 am for grades 2 and 3 so all can attend.

Grades K and 1- Sunday, March 13 from 11:00 am-12:00 pm
Parents attend the carnival with their children. Beit Sefer will end early at 11:00 am for grades K and 1 so that all can attend.

Kids Under Age 5- Sunday, March 20 at 9:30 am
Come enjoy an age-appropriate Purim shpiel and activities at Beth Emet, and take home a gift bag. Costumes are encouraged for kids and adults--we want to see your Purim attire!
Wednesday, March 16 at 7:00 pm
Megillah Reading & Purim Shpiel Not to Disappoint! 
Save the date and watch this space for more information including hints for this year’s costume theme!  
Monday, March 21 at 7:00 pm
Beth Emet Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting is a time set aside each year, for our members to hear from Beth Emet's President, Treasurer, Foundation president, and clergy on the state of the congregation. Complying with our by-laws, we show accountability for finances, communicate our year's accomplishments and challenges, and share plans for our synagogue's future activities. We will also elect new officers and board members as well as show our appreciation to those who have completed their terms on the board. This year will also mark a presidential transition plus 3 officers. View the official nominating letter here.
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