May 2020
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Gratitude for Friends
Loyal and Unconditional Love
We are in a season of major changes and re-prioritizing---thanks in part to COVID-19. The amazing thing about widespread tragedy, is that it usually helps us focus on the things in life that matter---like friendship!
Some of the core qualities people appreciate in a friend are loyalty and unconditional love. The security in knowing you have a space to grow and have moments of not speaking but know that the love is still there regardless. Our lifetime friends are the people that WE get to choose as our tribe. Friends are the ones that grow old with us as parents and close family pass away. The ones that we can talk to and confide in without worry of judgment or our secrets being exposed.

During social distancing it is imperative to our mental health and well-being that we lean into the friends who uplift us.
Remember, two are better than one.

Especially, when you have the right group of friends in your tribe to help you manifest greater outcomes for your life or hold your head when life hits with a mighty blow. Let us use this time as way to celebrate and express gratitude for friendship, by intentionally doing one act this month to strengthen the bonds with our closest friends. 

Yours In Gratitude,
Coach BE. Kelley, MSW, LISW, LMSW, CLC

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