January 2020
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Gratitude For Growth
The Gratitude In Asking For Help
Happy New Year, Phenomenon

If you are reading this, then you made it to 2020 with me and for that alone, I am very grateful! Shout-out this month to anyone who has ever struggled with asking for help. The Society we live in today focuses so much on self and figuring out all of life's quirks and turns on your own. However, very few things in life are absolute, including this rely on yourself and nobody else movement. There are times in life when you will find yourself in a place or situation you have never encountered or haven't ever successfully navigated through. At moments like this, it is very easy to fall into a cycle of digging deep and trying to rely on yourself to figure it all out or worse—beating yourself up because things are not working the way you thought it would. Listen, we are all relational beings and at some point in life, we could utilize an additional mind, hand, heart or resource. Simply put errbody needs somebody and it is ok because guess what---we were designed that way! 
We are now in an entirely new decade and the name of the game is helping self as much as you can and connecting with other successful people who are willing to help you step it up in whatever area you need. A solo journey is beautiful but so is a life filled with fruitful, authentic, win-win collaborations. When you get to a place where you can help others as well as accept their help, it creates a wealth of opportunity to propel you in the areas you need help with the most. In life, it is often true, that two are better than one because when one falls the other can help them up! 

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