February 2020
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Gratitude For Your Tribe
The Gratitude of Putting Family First
It seems as if the entire world paused when the Royal family, formerly known as Prince Harry and Meghan the Duchess of Sussex announced they would no longer perform the duties or accept the rights of being a royal. The press went crazy and people across the world wanted to know why Harry would willing give up military titles, as well as royal privileges and accolades in order to live a life that, well, isn’t necessarily viewed as Royal.
When Harry made this announcement and stated that he was doing it in order to ensure he and his family would be able to live the type of life they envisioned for themselves, the first thing I thought was, “what you won’t do, you’ll do for love.” It takes a certain caliber of man to stand up in front of his family and the entire free world and state that he is choosing his wife and family over the lineage he was born into. One can only imagine all the scrutiny, attention, and life changes Meghan had to endure in order to be with a man like Harry and vice-versa. Now what do Harry and Meghan’s love have to do with us? I am glad you asked! Harry and Meghan made a major choice in front of the entire world to put the well-being of their family first. This is noteworthy. Harry and Meghan put an example in front of the world which challenged us to really think about what exactly do we value and prioritize?

At times, there are major sacrifices that must be made in order to maintain the overall well being of your family. I cannot imagine the immense pain and emotional turmoil Harry and Meghan are getting through in order to make the decision which best supports the vision they share for their own family. However, they took the steps to stick by their values and ensure their marriage and family vision prevailed regardless of outside opinion. This is an extraordinary example of putting family first!

In each of our lives, there are some things that money can’t buy… like Family. Harry and Meghan reminded the world to show gratitude for the gift of having a family by protecting and prioritizing them. Today, take the time to show gratitude for your loved ones by ensuring they know they are priority in your life.

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