April 2020
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The Gratitude in Shifting
God, Health, Family
Spring time has arrived, Easter has passed and that bitch COVID-19 is still here. What the hell is there to be thankful for? We're starting to get a real up close and personal taste of Rona and she's not the one to be taken lightly. People we know have it now, have beat it or died from it. We are living through a time of death and life while sitting on the edge of grief not knowing if at any moment someone we adore, may be out of reach and sick for weeks or gone to the other side for good. Not to mention public, sacred traditions such as Passover, Holy Week, the parade of big church hats, jokes about the "sinner" who showed up their one time per year and even the colored eggs with big get-together s. Have all been disrupted and brought into a new way of doing things---virtually with plenty of distance and more concern with what we do to our temple (body).
We are living in one of the most epic times in history! Something greater than all of us, like a Spiritual Mom, made us sit down and be still because America needed an overhaul of her priorities. Everyone is being forced to show what they truly believe and many are effortlessly now helping their neighbors as themselves. Imagine that. It doesn't take a utopia or church buildings being open 7 days a week to uplift, show concern and be humane.

Those who have eyes will see and those who have ears will hear, the order of life is shifting back to ground zero: God, health and family. Mother nature is effortlessly healing herself because we have all been gifted with the ability to do the same! From the oceans becoming clearer, the Alps showing off and animals roaming the forest again! Life is doing what it was meant to do---come full circle!
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Are you ready for the level of gratitude and sincere connection it will take for each of us to pull through knowing that someone we love, maybe even us, won't live through it but it still does not excuse us from finding a way to identify and live out our purpose now?

There is a massive perspective shift happening that is showing us how beautiful our world would be if we simply mind our own business while having a certain level of humanity for whosoever. While we might not be able to have our huge gatherings we can definitely zone in on the more intimate spaces of honoring the flow of life, peace and stillness. Forgive, mend, let go, collaborate, create, demolish, speak life into this new season and immerse yourself in the power of being a Co-Creator with the God of all! Expand your view on faith and take the opportunity to look at how you treat people who you perceive as different from you. you've been gifted with, even if it's just you! 

There is so much to be discovered and thankful for in this new season and it doesn’t all have to be deep. It can just simply be...While it might seem as a nation we are standing still, it is my belief that we each get the chance to choose to reset and reflect on what the hell is going on and where do we want to go from here? We have been given the gift to go inside of ourselves, take an honest self-inventory and then get to the business of remembering what you came here to do in this new world and DO IT NOW!

Yours In Gratitude,
Coach BE. Kelley, MSW, LISW, LMSW, CLC

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