March 2020
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The Gratitude in being Quarantined
By the time you read this you will have been saturated with memes, posts, news and other comments about the Coronavirus. Yet, just for this time and space I want you to go on a quick trip with me! Imagine being at the bottom of society, always struggling to make ends meet or even being middle class but having to sacrifice quality time with your family in order to chase the American dream. Then, you get hit with the Rona Quarantine. It may sound funny except widespread anxiety, panic and economic collapses have begun to take over the minds and lives of the masses. This is where the strength of family, stillness and creativity can really take over and recreate our lives in the most beautiful way possible.
If we will allow our minds (perspectives) to be quarantined with our bodies and use this time to really hide away with in self love, family love and the hope of a brighter future for everyone, we will help to usher in a new way of living and being long after the impact of Corona is over. Yes, Corona will come and go at some point as all pandemics have. Yet, while Corona is here and we are being called to slow down and prepare for the future of our holistic health and well-being, use this time to benefit you! If you have some family or friends you can spend additional time with ---do it! 

What about that business idea, movie or book you put off because work was draining you? Make it happen all while you're in quarantine and have some fun while you're doing it! This is not to make light of the virus, because we all need to protect ourselves as much as possible. However, we can also dance through this storm by having gratitude for being set apart for a time such as renew, rejuvenate and recreate.

Yours In Gratitude,
Coach BE. Kelley, MSW, LISW, LMSW, CLC
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