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Our dedicated team includes 

Licensed Site Professionals, Third Party Inspectors, Professional Engineers, 

Wetland Consultants, Registered Sanitarians, Professional Geologists, Environmental Scientists, Public Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Operators.


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Title 5 Inspections
If Spring means listing your property, or entering into a purchase and sales agreement, you will need a Title 5 Inspection of the septic system.  Call us for a proposal to provide your Title 5 Inspection services, as will be needed for the closing!
Septic System 'Best Management Practices'
Spring is a good time to have your septic system pumped.

Do not cover over septic system parts with hard structures, like decks, porches or stairs, which may then need to be removed for access.

Landscaping/plantings should also be kept away from interfering with septic access and function. Roots have been found infiltrating and clogging important system parts.

Don't flush personal hygiene products or diapers; there is nothing in the design of a septic system that can break down these wastes.

Be mindful of water usage, and choices of cleaning products. Bleach can be harmful to the community of micro-organisms your septic system relies on to treat your wastewater.

Do not use a garbage grinder or disposal with either a Title 5 or I/A septic system.

Avoid driving over or the use of heavy equipment around your septic system, even if components are "H20 rated" for vehicle traffic.

Spring 2016 
Tourism is a crucial industry supporting the Cape's economy,  and we all look forward to the opportunities Spring brings! As you gear up for another season, BEA stands ready to support you -- the vital hotels, motels, B&Bs, restaurants and other attractions that make our home a destination for so many -- by providing the services needed to manage your drinking water and/or wastewater infrastructure.

Together, we are stewards of the Cape & Islands' natural resources.  We let the hospitality trade focus on what you do best, welcoming and entertaining the vacationers we all rely on. Let our Team focus on what BEA does best -- keeping your public water supply, I/A septic or wastewater treatment plant operating efficiently and in compliance with environmental requirements!
Are You Considered a 
'Public Water Supply'? 
If your business is served by an on-site well, and you serve 25 people or more daily for at least 60 days, you are the guardians of public health and safety in operating a Public Water Supply...
...and with that comes many water quality monitoring, sampling and reporting requirements!

Turn your attention to what you're best at, running your business, and let BEA take care of the rest.  

Our highly qualified staff of licensed public water supply operators will operate and maintain your system assuring  regulatory compliance, and the protection of this limited and precious resource .

Let us prepare a PWSO contract proposal for you today! Make The One Call that Does it All!

For more information, visit our Website . 
Do You Have an 'Innovative/Alternative' Septic System or Wastewater Treatment Plant?
With advanced treatment of your wastewater comes many operation, maintenance, sampling and reporting requirements ...

... and we are here to take on that burden so that you can focus on your business!

Our Team is accredited and recognized through education, training and experience by the Commonwealth of MA as holding wastewater treatment licenses up to Grade 5C.  

By maintaining a staff of five operators, BEA can provide expertise in the operation, maintenance and monitoring of these systems as The   One Call that Does it All.

Contact of office today for a free estimate! For more information, visit our Website .
We hope you find these and upcoming suggestions BEA will share with you to be useful, and we welcome your input -- tell us what services you wish to hear more about! Perhaps your idea will be discussed in an upcoming edition.

Joyful Spring from the BEA Staff!

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Kara Risk,
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Environmental Permitting
Need Design or Permitting Support?
Does your business or project require a septic system designed with Innovative /Alternative technology to meet Board of Health requirements?

Is your renovation falling within a "Resource Area" or "Buffer Zone" coming under jurisdiction of the local Conservation Commission?

We have experience with the local permitting procedures. 

Let BEA guide you through the process to assure a reasonable and compliant outcome!

Contact BEA for a proposal to properly represent your project  on the  permitting  path!

See our Website or make The One Call that Does it All for the professional services you need!
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