March 26, 2020

The Y Family is a beacon of hope in challenging times.

Your stories give us hope, appreciation for what we have and a sense of calm when the news is all about chaos.

It is in your positivity and friendliness that the light shines.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us. They are inspiring:
"The Y fills a big part of my daily social contact needs, so it's been an adjustment to be separated from all of you. With the need for social distancing, I'm rethinking how I can feel connected.

It starts with me. I'm acknowledging all those things I have absolutely no control over and focusing on what I can do in place here. After all, I share my yard with thousands of honey bees that are actively visiting blossoms. My yard is abuzz so I figure, be here now. I planted potatoes yesterday and found ample red wrigglers and night crawlers in my soil. Swallows worked the air and a pair of hawks screeched overhead. I'm feeling connected with the immense bounty and beauty that surrounds me.

Stay well, and pace yourself because we may need to maintain our social distance for a time yet."

--- Norma

"Under the close supervision of Ruby, I tilled a bed for lettuce and organized my garage pantry. Still too antsy to sit down and read or watch a movie."

--- Jacque (with help from her dog, Ruby)
"Many, many thanks to you and your colleagues at the Y for the fabulous YouTube  classes! I did three videos this morning: your low-impact class, Kim and Colleen's class, and Brynne's beginner yoga class (with Brian as her student!) It was a great way to start the day, and it was wonderful to "see" you and your positive, energetic, smiling selves again! I look forward to working out with you online again tomorrow and every day until the Y opens again!"

--- With heartfelt gratitude, Julia
"I LOVE the videos although there is no substitute for the real thing with all of us together! Looks like this is going to be a long haul with a lengthy ripple effect long afterward. If we stick together, we will be stronger and better for all of it.

I am singing the chorus to "You are my Sunshine" with my ukulele from my balcony every evening at 5 p.m. Please join me from your own home!"

--- Better together, Marcia 
(Y members practicing Tai Chi and social distancing prior to  the Governor's order to Stay Home.)

"What I love about the Y: You see everyone there, all ages and backgrounds.

What I miss about the Y: It is an important part of my routine. The exercise videos are so helpful! Thank you!

While the Y is closed, I'm walking, keeping up with housework, doing spring cleaning, and now I've added video workouts.

When the Y opens, I will start again with the Enhanced Fitness class. I have a chronic blood disease that limits my stamina and range of motion. Enhance Fitness is perfect for me. Wonderful instructors and a great bunch of participants."

--- Alice

"It was, of course, a blow to us all when the Y closed its doors, though I fully honor and respect your decision to do so. It felt like an expression of both care and leadership. I feel quite overcome with gratitude for the role you play in our community and in my own life. I am always touched by the kindness and generosity of the Y staff, feel lucky to have gotten to know and experience them during my 15 years in Eugene. The Y always feels to me like a place of integrity, friendliness, community, and hope.

Please know that I am holding all of you in my heart and thoughts as we travel this new path, together in our apartness. Best wishes to all. Stay well."

--- Kris

"Special (and only) grandboy visited Tuesday on his skateboard. He made a heart to illustrate that he cares. So I get a sweet visit through the glass of my apartment.

Sometimes I have to talk to him from my third-floor balcony while he is on the sidewalk in front of my apartment building. Wish I was Italian so I could sing him an aria!"

--- Sherrill

"(I have a group of) friends through the Y for at least 10 years. Such a wonderful group of women brought together by the very welcoming Y tennis community. We are staying in touch virtually using Google Duo. During this crazy period of isolation, I am keeping busy walking 3 to 4 miles daily, doing a YouTube yoga class (miss my Gentle Yoga with Leah) and lifting weights (miss my Y Sculpt with Shelley). I encourage everyone to keep their Y membership current as it has made a difference in my life as well as so many others. Blessings of health to everyone!"

--- Karen

This is a picture from several years ago with my Y tennis group which is also our monthly knitting group (minus Megan Haight). Pictured are Y members: Penny, Diane, Judy, Carole, Julie and Karen. 
"I am doing yoga at home and enjoying walks outside in nature. I miss the Y for so many reasons! I miss taking my son Beau to go swimming, I miss getting him a little snack at the vending machine whenever he has a craving for something, I miss seeing Kate since I took her YMCA Big Changes class and I miss seeing the friendly front desk staff smiling at me whenever we came in for a workout! I miss lifting weights in the weight room. I miss the hot tube and the sauna! I miss just about everything about the YMCA! You are all amazing! 
Keep on sending these lovely emails.  It shows me that you really care and love us!"

--- Love and Virtual Hugs, Sophie, David and Beau 

"Here I am with my dog Buddy in what has become the workout corner of our living room. Buddy likes to supervise my workouts and I appreciate his company, though I really miss Katy, my Wellness Coach. She has given me some workouts to do and was kind enough to lend some equipment so I'm pretty well set. Plus, I love the videos that the Y has posted and am taking advantage of the opportunity to try out some new classes. Thank you so much! Buddy and I go for at least one walk each day and are fortunate enough to have the Owen Rose Garden in our backyard. So overall, a time of recharging and appreciating what community is really all about. Stay home, everyone, and stay healthy, and see you soon at the Y!"

--- Warmest wishes, Louise
"I've been talking to wonderful friends about the things they are doing as well such as painting online with other people and playing cards online as well. 

I'm going to start exercising at home with bands, a ball, a small balancing equipment that sort of looks like an odd-shaped skateboard and, of course, walking outside while keeping distance from others and saying hi. I think social interaction at a distance is necessary for mental wellness, especially for people who live alone. There is no reason why we can't smile and say hi from even more than 6 feet!

I also paint and I'm considering starting to take up the piano again doing lessons online. I have a baby grand piano in the living room that is sitting here staring at me, saying "play me, play me." I've been playing music a lot every day, which includes everything from classical to soul music and rock. I've even opened up my doors a couple times and people walking by have started dancing! THAT'S the spirit!"

--- Be well, Cynthia

"I just watched Sheila's first video on the Y's YouTube channel. I am in my 13th year in that class and I speak for many, many people when I say thank you for providing these workouts. 

Ours is a very close-knit group, so we are missing each other as well as the exercise. This brings us closer together and is so appreciated!"

--- Take care, Anne

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."

"Love isn't a big thing, it is a million little things."

"When in doubt, twirl and frolic."

 "You are my Y family."

--- Tim 

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